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Thread: Runtime problem in Release mode

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    Default Re: Runtime problem in Release mode

    Well I got this working now

    1) Make sure you have the path system with this


    respect the order this is important

    2) check your "windows\system32" dir and see if there is any
    qt dll's like qtcore4.dll, qtcore4d.dll qtgui.dll qtopengl.dll., etc

    if there are, and if you know that you dont have any program that will need them,
    just deleted them, if not update them with the dll's from c:\qt\2009.05\qt\bin.
    This should work.

    The problem is that if you have the correct path, it will still crash because it will
    look first in the windows system for the librarys.

    And if you update the windows system with qtcore4.dll it will still crash because will
    use the wrong qtgui.dll and others altought (and this is the nasty part to debug) the error message will still be related with qtcore4.dll.

    So in windows\system32 you have to update all of them, or delete all of them.
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  2. The following user says thank you to john_god for this useful post:

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    Default Re: Runtime problem in Release mode

    This problem may be solved but I still found it diffcult to grasp the solution initially as I had no idea about system Variable. I use Win 7 x64 and the solution that work for me was editting the 'Path' variable in the 'System Variables' section of 'Environmental Variables'. This is very important to getting a working solution. If you modify the 'User Variables' this typically will not solve your problem because this issue is caused by other programs installed on your PC contain a version of Qtcore4.dll. So simple select 'Path' from your 'System Variables' and select edit. Now at the very start of all of the variables that exist add the path to Qt. For me the path's were 'C:\Qt\2010.05\qt\bin;C:\Qt\2010.05\bin'

    Hope this helps as Qt is working perfectly for me now.


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    Default Re: Runtime problem in Release mode

    still i am getting same error "exited with code -1073741511"
    my system configuration is
    windows 7, 32 bit
    qt 2010.04
    please help me to sort it out

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    Default Re: Runtime problem in Release mode

    What did you already try to fix your problem?
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