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Thread: Qt VS-Addin

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    I am using Qt 4.6.2 , VS 2005 and qt-vs addin 1.1.4.

    I am able to setup the project and everything works fine. But I want to change the location of GenerateFiles directory ( which includes moc_XXXX.cpp and ui_XXXXX.h files). Can I do that. Also can I make changes so that VS generate these file in a different location and reference from there.

    e.g. The GeneratedFiles directory gets created at c:\temp and so does the files inside it and the code also references it from there.

    Note: I have created the project from using VS and not by importing .pro. I don't want to use .pro file


    Added after 50 minutes:

    I found the place to do that. All the information is in .vcproj. Incase if some else also has similar requirement.
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