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Thread: Qt + opengl+opencv black screen

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    Unhappy Qt + opengl+opencv black screen

    hi, i have compiled a code taken from http://rafaelpalomar.net/sites/defau...xample.tar_.gz to display the webcam output on a qt widget. The code works great on my laptop which has nvdia graphics, but when i compiled the same code using my netbook which has a intel nm10 chipset the output only shows a black widget but i am able to display qt opengl example on the netbook. Can anyone here tell me what i am misssing or do i need any extra package to make the system work.

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    Default Re: Qt + opengl+opencv black screen

    It probably GL extensions issue.
    Have a look in the code which GL extensions are used, and run a GL extension info tool on your the netbook, and see if the graphics card there support these extensions.
    Intel graphics chips support GL extension very poorly.
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