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Thread: Localization - shortDayName - Raspberry Pi

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    I'm using a Mac to develop a Qt application for Raspberry Pi.

    In my software I'm doing QString dateCurrentString = dt.toString(QString("ddd dd MMM yyyy"));
    so, using "ddd" I'm calling QDate::shortDayName which is a localized function.

    The problem is that my software is running fine (with french localized short day name) on my Mac.
    But on the Raspberry Pi, I have an english short day name.

    I don't know what Qt use to "know" which locale I need.

    I tried on the Raspberry Pi to fix it by using raspi-config and set local (with
    "change_local" menu) to fr_FR.UTF-8
    I verified by using this command line :
    $ echo $LANG

    but my software is always in english

    so maybe I forget to set something else.

    Kind regards


    Added after 51 minutes:

    I started my software after setting this environment variable :
    export LC_ALL=$LANG

    and now it's working fine...

    that's really strange because according to
    On Linux, query() returns only the measurement system by inspecting the LC_MEASUREMENT, LC_ALL and LANG environment variables (in that order).

    LC_MEASUREMENT and LC_ALL were empty strings so my software should use LANG... but this doesn't not seem to be the case!
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