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Thread: QT app for Raspberry Pi that can play Midi - tools?

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    Default Re: QT app for Raspberry Pi that can play Midi - tools?

    I have an application running on the Pi in QT (5.5 because there is a distro for it) that sits on a piano as a music display.

    The piano has a player that can be midi controlled.

    I'd like to also have midi versions of the displayed sheet music that I could play, controlling in a simple fashion (start, stop, maybe start-at-measure).

    I am not trying to do midi input or score editing (a la Musescore), and am not looking to do a general audio player for other formats. I would like to avoid trying to invoke some big, separate multitrack sequencer if I can; I'd prefer a library(s), hopefully with a QT wrapper ready made, but even if not.

    Can someone suggest a good path to follow? I have been searching and find some big projects (e.g. QTractor) that I may be able to find pieces from, also I found RtMidi, though it looks like I'd have to read the midi file and provide timing, so I'm not even quite sure what the package is providing versus direct output to the device.

    Can anyone suggest a good, clean, midi output (with timing) library for use with QT?

    Or is output only so simple I'm better off doing it myself?



    Added after 1 41 minutes:

    Additionally: Found TSE3, which looks old, but it has a distro for the pi, which includes a test program (tse3play) that runs and plays fine with my hardware.

    Sadly my development environment (on HyperV, Ubuntu) can't access a USB port, so development is going to be a bit handicapped regardless of what I do (any suggestions on that welcomed).

    Anyone ever use TSE3 with QT?
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