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Thread: Using a .qs file for creating a shortcut for a Qt app

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    Default Using a .qs file for creating a shortcut for a Qt app

    I'm going to create an installer for my Qt app using Qt Installer Framework.

    I have a Qt Cal.exe file and a package_directory folder on my Windows desktop with the following contents:

    The package_directory's contents.
    The config folder contains a config.xml file.
    The packages folder contains a subfolder named com.vendor.product. And it, contains two subfolders named data and meta.
    The data subfolder contains a file named data.7z.
    The meta subfolder contains three files:
    A license.txt file, a package.xml file, and a installscript.qs file.

    By a command Line, I try to use the binarycreator.exe to create the installer this way:

    C:\Qt\QtIFW2.0.3\bin\binarycreator.exe -c C:\Users\CS\Desktop\package_directory\config\confi g.xml -p C:\Users\CS\Desktop\package_directory\packages C:\Users\CS\Desktop\Result\Cal.exe

    The Command is run well and without any error and it creates an installer (program) named Cal in the Result folder (which was on my Desktop).

    When I run the program to install it on my Windows machine, it will be installed and it also (like any usual program) creates a shortcut on the Desktop. Until now everything OK.

    But the problem!
    The problem is that, that shortcut file is an unknown file and it shows an error message!

    My question is, what is the problem with the installscript.qs file that creates an unknown file, and how to solve it, so that it creates a useful shortcut please?
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