Hello everybody,

I'm trying to create my first mobile application as described the documentation "Creating A Mobile Application" by opening Qt Creator, then "Select File > New File or Project > Application > Qt Quick Controls 2 Application > Choose". Afterwards, I type a name for my project and I choose a path for creation, then I type a build system pre-defined --> qmake. In the style field, I also accept the pre-defined style.
Then, I select the kit to use -> in my case, I select Android ARM v7 and also Desktop 5.9. Then Qt Creator displays the build/release/debug paths with a warning that the build directory has to be in the same directory as the source... I hope this warning is standard, because I didn't change any path and the build dir is in the project dir.

Now, Qt Creator shows an overview of the project to generate and there I see the problem: No files to be added are listed! Can anyone tell my, why there are no files to be generated? The documentation tutorial says that there should be a file "Page1Form.ui.qml", "Page1.qml" and "main.qml".
Instead, no files are listed and no files are generated after pressing the "finish"-button.

I would be realy pleased getting some support from you.

Thank you in anticipation.

Kind regards,