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Thread: How to add/change text in a qwtlegend?

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    Default How to add/change text in a qwtlegend?


    I'm working on migrating a project which based on QWT 5.1 to QWT 6.2.
    I found the QwtLegendItem was removed in QWT6.2. I used setSymbol() and setText() to get the legend symbol/icon and legend text from my QwtLegend.

    I try to use QwtLegendLabel to get text, but there is not setSymbol() in QwtLegendLabel. Hence, I can't add any symbol/icon into my QwtLegendLabel object.

    So I plan to create a new Legend and change the its text directly.
    But how to change the text contents in a QwtLegend?

    Or how can I get the legend symbol/icon from a QwtLegend?

    Thanks a lot!

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    Default Re: How to add/change text in a qwtlegend?

    Since Qwt 6 the information on the legend is more under control of the corresponding plot item. F.e the icon is created by QwtPlotItem::legendIcon(), what can be overloaded - like everything what finally ends up on the legend.

    If you provide more information about what exactly you need to achieve I can give more detailed hints.


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