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Thread: QSortProxyModel isnt notified when the sourceModel dies

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    Default QSortProxyModel isnt notified when the sourceModel dies


    I have a QSortProxyModel that leeches off another model that I set with setSourceModel().

    When the sourceModel is destroyed, but the QSortProxyModel is still attached to the GUI, it ends up showing ugly empty rows (see screenshot). At this point, sourceModel() method returns NULL and my overriden rowCount() in the QSortProxyModel also returns 0.

    But it looks like this isnt enough, I guess this should trigger a reset_model signal, which it seems isnt done automatically when the sourceModel dies.

    Am I expected to monitor the lifetime of the sourceMOdel on my own? Seems unnecessary, and I already take care of rowCount().
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    Default Re: QSortProxyModel isnt notified when the sourceModel dies

    I am guessing that QSortProxyModel (QSPM) listens for the source model's destroyed() signal, so it sets the sourceModel() pointer to null. I have found that QSPM doesn't emit signals that I would expect when the model changes (like dataChanged()), but does emit layoutChanged(). Have you checked for that?
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