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  1. Qt for WinRT : QFileDialog issue
  2. play mp3 without phonon (qt 4.8)
  3. "applet not found" error when trying to run an application created with QTembedded
  4. How to configure Qt5.4.1 using qvfb.
  5. ICU error with Qt-5.4.0 building
  6. How to start QT application on power up
  7. Problem representing/drawing c++ tree-like structure via qt quick.
  8. Style sheet working well on all platfors except Android
  9. Embedded resource issue - std::wstring on Windows vs. Android
  10. How to disable creation of qt temporary files
  11. How to Retrive data...?
  12. How to remove items of c++ model from within qml delegate?
  13. Trouble setting up Qt for Android
  14. QCamera not working in Embedded device
  15. Korean font display in imx6q based board
  16. Cannot play .mp4 videos on IMX6 linux_bsp image
  17. ask Notifications app for (Andriod ,ios ,windows phone)
  18. White Screen while starting a qt application on a especific Android device
  19. Errors to build app in iOS and Android
  20. how to use libimobiledevice with qt.
  21. resizeevent not detect
  22. How can we know that a widget has completed painting or ready to display
  23. Do I need JNI for my C++ library when deploying to Android?
  24. Rest Web Service - Keep-alive Connection
  25. load https: Self Signed Certificate encryption
  26. Android App Visual elemts are displayed very small
  27. Weird Android behaviour
  28. QML import error
  29. Qt Quick output is displaying incorrectly after compile
  30. How to create a SIP connection with Qt for Android?
  31. Problem of QT5.3.2 with X11's EGL
  32. Raw_framebuffer_access
  33. QEglContext::createSurface() failed in embedded Qt 4.8.0
  34. QAndroidJniObject: Issues receiving data with a getIntent() equivalent.
  35. Reading Binary Files From Asset folder using "fstream"
  36. How to use the volume control of earphone in qt for android?
  37. Which architecture has the highest range of devices?
  38. Libusb device Connection In Qt-Android-Emulator
  39. Using SFTP for transferring files
  40. How to configure QT5 that doesn't contain xcb and x11
  41. LED indicator
  42. Running Qt based android application on BlackBerry OS?
  43. Qt for Embedded Linux data directory is not owned by user 1002: /tmp/qtembedded-1
  44. How do you Rotate a QT application (QT 5.4.1 on Linux)
  45. Platform plugin for blackberry not found?
  46. Qt application for device with out LCD
  47. CCS bin2tdf utility by TI
  48. Problems compiling Qt 4.8.6 for ARM926EJ-S
  49. Qt Embedded in eglfs (linux) on different windows
  50. QT for Altera DE1-SoC
  51. porting existing QtWidget app from linux to android
  52. QMYSQL for Android
  53. Adding external library into Qt-Android project
  54. Java events management in Qt5 C++ Android application
  55. Setting remote working directory in Qt Creator 3.2.1
  56. Widget creation slows GUI thread
  57. Qt, use FFTW library on android
  58. Android - Set android.app.background_running to True
  59. [HELP] GPU Accelerated QtMultimedia on Raspberry Pi 2
  60. How to install protobuf for windows phone arm?
  61. How to use Virtual Keyboard in Qt
  62. Issues on Nexus 4
  63. How to use for loop to check multiple number of objects
  64. Porting to iOS SSL certificate problem
  65. iOs add multiple resolution in-app icon
  66. Cross compiling QT for linaro on zedboard
  67. Controlling Android's hardware subsystems via Qt
  68. Keybuttons lcd7cape mapped to beaglebone, dont catch event, try eventfilter etc
  69. Make focus in mi window for capture keyboard events
  70. QWebView shows blank page on Raspberry Pi 2
  71. QtWebEngine 5.4.2 Raspberry PI 2 not view
  72. Buiding Android Qt 5.5 on OS X, module QtPositioning, QtLocation not installed
  73. On iOS compiling: call to non-static member function without an object argument
  74. Send Email with smtp tls connection
  75. Qt 5 - C++ code to determine if system supports multi-touch
  76. cross compile of qt 4.8.5 for friendlyarm tiny 6410
  77. Qt creator application not display in Grayhill GHI270
  78. QWSSocket::connectToLocalFile could not connect:: Connection refused
  79. Executing .qml files in Embedded devices
  80. Qt Thread Issue with Android(?)
  81. Bluetooth LE Monitor
  82. iOS Geolocation problem
  83. QPushButton font size error
  84. Cross compiling Qtopia 2.2.0 for ARM
  85. Qt 5 use EGL backend for XCB
  86. Some tearing on QML animations
  87. How to port Qt browser to ARMv7 processor
  88. Qt Application for Android that uses pythonscripts, What is needed?
  89. Trying to ping the server via QSsl
  90. Installing QT 5.5 on WINCE 6.0 / Windows Mobile 6
  91. qmake for cross-compile
  92. iOS ~ Backgrounding & Geolocation
  93. Qt Raspberry Pi2 - Linux Arch
  94. Cross-kompilierung qt embedded 5.5 für raspberry pi 2
  95. Qt - Speech synthesizer for Beaglebone - Yoctoproject
  96. Need help to choose a design for a Qt 5.5 framebuffer app on ARM SBC
  97. Qt-5.5.0 configuration with debug mode
  98. Qt Android Application is running on the virtual device but not on the real device
  99. Qt5.5 screen rotation with eglfs
  100. Communication from Framelsee Window to Framed Window
  101. Publish multiple APKs in google play
  102. Execute a program on Android with QProcess inside an APK
  103. Android - Open file with QFile
  104. Style sheets on Android
  105. Qt compile for Xilinx Zynq fails -- errors in building moc and rcc tools and corelibs
  106. QT Android application crashes at startup when adding libvlcjni.so
  107. Qml is not working
  108. No audio output device - Yocto/poky
  109. [ Qt 5.6 ] Examples compilation error 'QCoreApplication'
  110. Qt touch scroll menu select
  111. Doubts with Qt and OpenGl ES support,
  112. Glib support cannot be enabled due to functionality tests! in Qt 4.8 configuration
  113. ARGB32 png blending of alpha layer in transparent background
  114. ToolTip is not working
  115. List WIFI networks available and connect with security using Qt
  116. Qt4 on RaspberryPI - direct framebuffer
  117. QML application on read only raspberry pi
  118. Configure qt 4.8.6 for embedded
  119. FTDI Java D2XX on Android.
  120. Qt on iOS: display all images on the device
  121. VNC: rotated touchscreen input with multiple monitor settings
  122. Do Qt cause partial drawings if processor sleeps due to power management?
  123. EGLFS Could not open egl display
  124. Properly quitting Qt application running only in the framebuffer?
  125. Bluetooth LE, android/iOS
  126. Create Android file with creator
  127. Qt libraries on Android
  128. Path for SD Card.
  129. Android undefined reference to signal,sigfillset,stpcpy...
  130. How to setup Qt5.7 for embedded linux
  131. Error: QBluetoothUuid::mine not found in Qt Android
  132. Showing custom dialogs on Android
  133. QT4.8 Cross compiled can not debug.
  134. How to change to App Icon name in the device?
  135. 30 fps desired but getting 30 frames every ~21 seconds.
  136. how can i use keypad library on embedded board???
  137. QDir not seeing directories on automounted flash drive (GNU/Linux)
  138. Blank screen with Qt5.7 and EGLFS
  139. How to scale Qt fonts and screen for target device
  140. C API is not working with QApplication.
  141. Is Qt suitable for controlling a UAV robot with a SBC?
  142. my touch operation is not work when I use this code QWSSERVER::SetCursorVisible
  143. Touch not working on qt application using waveshare screen
  144. How to create an folder in SD Card
  145. Resources for sizing effort to Port Qt Application to IOS
  146. How to incorporate qt-gstreamer into Qt?
  147. Android Widget / Windows Live Tile connection to Qt/Quick Application
  148. Please help for starting and is it possible to greate android services?
  149. Convert JPG image to RGBA or 32 bit RGB formate to display on Device framebuffer
  150. How to update qml application on Android by changing qml file
  151. QScrollbars of the QScrollarea moves only in one direction for embedded device.
  152. How to disable built-in virtual keyboard on Qt Creator 3.4.2
  153. Synchronize serial data read from Rfcomm in Qt
  154. No cpu/abi system image available for this target android studio on Windows
  155. Android SDK manager does not show packages to be installed on Windows 7
  156. Register file type for android application
  157. What packages do I need to install
  158. Qt Android App can't connect to internet via XMLHttpRequest
  159. Unable to save QSettings on Android
  160. QSslSocket and BoringSSL on Android
  161. Crosscompile QT5 on x86_64 Ubuntu16.04 LTS for target BBB running on Debian
  162. QBluetoothDeviceDiscoveryAgent Android with JNI call causes null prt "SIGSEGV, code 1
  163. Cannot keep screen alive in Android
  164. Ar1100 Touch Controller and Qt5
  165. AR1100 Touch Screen and Qt5
  166. Reduce size of libqtwebkit.so
  167. Vulkan window on Android
  168. QML display different on iOS & Android
  169. Qt 4.7.3 can't using QWSServer
  170. Static compiled Qt application can not catch keyboard event
  171. AM335x development board [armv7l] - QT cross compiler
  172. QtMultimedia on Raspbian
  174. Server connection problem using OpenSSL with android
  175. QT support for android TV app (remote control support)
  176. Bluetooth scan only for iPhone devices.
  177. qt.camera not working (no service found for - “org.qt-project.qt.camera”
  178. Cannot find font directory /usr/local/Qt-5.9.2/lib/fonts
  179. Connect devices (iOS & Android) to VNC Server and mirror display
  180. iOS AppData directory changes with each build: where to save files?
  181. PSA for developers using OSX who need OpenSSL support in an Android app
  182. Notifier Example
  183. Error while compiling Qt 5.9.0 with android
  184. Crypto++ on Android: library linkage issue
  185. How to use Google Maps Geolocation API to find where am I
  186. How to read *.jsp file with Embedded Linux QNetworkAccessManager?
  187. How to implement Warp7 sample as same as sample in QtWS16
  188. undefined reference qt_static_plugin_QtVirtualKeyboardStylesPlugin()
  189. Android settings have errors.
  190. Choosing startup screen in Weston + Wayland
  191. Android midi and JNI use
  192. [UWP, Qt 5.10] App crashing everytime before showing drop down menu
  193. Back button click Android not registered in Qt Webview
  194. QT4 Touch Screen hangs when touch screen is touched with 2 fingers!
  195. QT4: Touch is not working if we touch on screen which has no touch action assigned
  196. android compiling problem
  197. Windows Embedded CE 7 and Demand Paging
  198. Rotate picture-preview on mobilephone
  199. version Qt_5 not defined in file libQt5Core.so.5 with link time reference
  200. QScroller crash after deleting QListWidget on Android
  201. Face Image need to capture after eye blinking with OpenCV
  202. Qtcreator Android Kits setup
  203. Getting started with Android
  204. Create schedule notification in android
  205. How to add depenency files to qt android ?
  206. Drag sensitivity during drag (especially on Tumbler release)
  207. Erreur while build for android with code exit 14
  208. Deploying an app to android and Windows
  209. Twice QWidget::event TouchBegin instead one
  210. Why Qt plaftorm plugin “xcb” cannot be loaded even though it was found?
  211. How to get rid of latency on touchscreen press events?
  212. How to install tslib and configure Qt to use it?
  213. transfer binary file from pc(ubuntu) to raspberry(rasbian) without lrzsz or kermit, e
  214. Transparent Mainwindow to show background video
  215. Caret Cursor not visible in HTML pages
  216. [WEAROS] Native Keyboard not properly aligning to screen
  217. Android & OpenSSL
  218. Using software Keyboard to enter filename in QFileDialog
  219. Using QT for Arduino development
  220. Raspberry Pi3B doesn't work in eglfs-brcm integration mode
  221. Error Unknown Module(s) in QT: plugin
  222. QBluetoothSocket stalls in connecting state
  223. Qt Creator cannot find the AVD which Android Studio created
  224. QBluetoothSocketPrivate::_q_readNotify() 18 error: -1 “Connection timed out”
  225. In NVIDIA JETSON TX2, Configuration Questions.
  226. QT with CRM Development
  227. QT iOS Bluetooth Issue
  228. Qt 4.8.7 Static Build for ARM64 aarch64 (wysota to the rescue?)
  229. QtWebKit 5, triigger JS event from C++