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  1. QCLD2 a Lib (Google) to Detect language in document or to get text in correct way
  2. QtUPnP a C++ framework, based on QT5, to build easily an UPnP control point.
  3. [ANN] QtitanNavigation 1.3 has been released!
  4. Teach your baby math
  5. Introducing Quentier - desktop note taking app integrated with Evernote
  6. Qt Visual Graph Editor
  7. Qt SDK for GE Predix cloud v1.0 release
  8. search projects
  9. Qt/C++, QML Themes and Templates
  10. Live Webinar: How to create Automated GUI Tests for Qt, QML and Qt Quick Applications
  11. QDOMLite - Light weight DOM/XML
  12. [Qt ORM] QxOrm 1.4.5 and QxEntityEditor 1.2.3 released : support MongoDB database
  13. Game SuperEpicMegaHero
  14. [ANN] QtitanRibbon 5 beta1 with Python support has been released!
  15. How is it possible to add advanced user interface to applications created by QT ?
  16. [Qt ORM] QxOrm 1.4.6 and QxEntityEditor 1.2.4 released : new HTTP web server module
  17. We have decided to open source our software
  18. How to delete logo from an "installed" application coded in Qt
  19. Deleaker: a plugin for Qt Creator to find leaks (memory, GDI, handles etc.)
  20. Qtitan - DataGrid 6.0, Ribbon 5.0, Chart 6.0, NavigationDesignU 2 have been released!
  21. My 2D game
  22. Show large 3D point clouds and meshes in a QML/QtQuick2 application
  23. Show large 3D point clouds and meshes in a QML/QtQuick2 application
  24. Zira PHP Editor for Linux, Android & Raspberry Pi
  25. Command run in terminal but not in QProcess while PATHs are inserted
  26. [ANN] QtitanDocking 3.2 component for Qt C++ has been released!
  27. DuploQ - GUI frontend for Duplo (detector of copy-pasted code in projects)
  28. Ping/Traceroute analyser
  29. QScintilla ColumnMode?
  30. LibreMines version 1.4.0 released
  31. Need help for symphytum 2.6
  32. Help out on Qt BG color in GTK (theme)
  33. Canonic | Open Source QML Web Browser
  34. [ANN] QtitanDataGrid 7 beta has been released!
  35. [ANN] QtitanNavigationDesignUI 3 beta has been released!
  36. Another 2D Game
  37. [ANN] Qtitan components for Qt were updated, QtitanFastInfoset has been released!
  38. Translation Source Check - A tool to hunt bugs in translations