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  1. Qt dev looking for a new job
  2. Qt4/C++/Java/Crawler Developer
  3. C++/Qt developer - Łódź (Poland)
  4. Looking for entry-level work in Qt
  5. Qt Software development offered
  6. C++/Qt Developer, Multithreading, IPC and Vega Prime developer
  7. freelance developer with more than 8 years experience CAD/CAM/CFD Database Graphics
  8. self-employed software developer
  9. Consultant and author of 2 books on Qt
  10. Freelancer Developer
  11. software developer with 10 years experience C++ VC++ Qt OpenGL MySQL CAD/CAM/CFD/FEA
  12. Qt Certified Specialist, 13+ years of experience. Looking for remote job
  13. software developer with 9 years experience C++ VC++ Qt OpenGL MySQL CAD/CAM/CFD/FEA D
  14. Experienced C++ Desktop developer on native win32, EU citizen
  15. Software Service Provider - desktop software development-10-years experience-C++,Qt,Q
  16. User Interface Designer
  17. Android Apps professional from India
  18. software developer with strong math background
  19. Software Engineer with Master in Computer Science + PhD background
  20. Full-time freelancer: C++, Qt 4,5; Linux/Windows; advanced Linux stuff.
  21. +15 years of experience in C++/Qt and Python (bug hunter, IT-Manager or consultant)