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  1. QwtSymbol problem
  2. How to set symbol to QwtLegendLabel
  3. How to implement external legend in QWT 6.0?
  4. Qwt panning broken with QT_SCREEN_SCALE_FACTORS=2
  5. How to hide the external legend
  6. CPU usage due to curves with many points
  7. How to add/change text in a qwtlegend?
  8. QwtPlot very slow for FACS plot (many marker points)
  9. Save QwtPlot as an image
  10. Histogram plot
  11. How to do FFT spectrogram plotting using QWT
  12. Plotting does not start from the extreme left (x-axis) and extreme bottom (y-axis)
  13. Legend icon not scaled with renderLegend
  14. Interactive moving of LegendItem (i.e. legend within plot)
  15. Achieving better graphics quality in Qwt charts
  16. Needle for QwtDial
  17. Getting axis rescaler to work while rending chart via QwtPlotRenderer
  18. Inclinometer in qwt
  19. QwtPolarMagnifier Window not responding
  20. plotmatrix axes alignment and QwtPlotZoomer
  21. QwtPlotCurve setSamples using QLinkedList
  22. Deleting pointer to QwtPlot segmentation fault
  23. Qwt : align center the date/time label text on an bottom axis
  24. maximum size of QLineEdit with setMaxLength()
  25. Qwt 6.3.0 (from qwt-code-r2921-trunk) compilation fails on Ubuntu 18.04.
  26. QwtPlot: data points appear in blocks
  27. QwtPlotRenderer from MM to Pixel
  28. Transparent Canvas
  29. Set background color for QwtDialSimpleNeedle
  30. Slow replot of fillCurve in QWT
  31. Slow replot of fillCurve in QWT
  32. How to modify position of a QwtPlotPicker RubberBand from outside?
  33. Updating plots
  34. Qwt Manual / Book project on github
  35. adding generic text to a legend
  36. How to focus line in QwtPlotMarker/QwtPlotScaleItem/QwtPlotPicker
  37. qwt + qt on windows 7
  38. How to pick line of QwtPlotMarker using QwtPlotPicker without affecting zooming
  39. create 2 scale dial using QwtDial
  40. QwtSeriesData sample crash
  41. How to set boundary for QwtPlotMarker ?
  42. Implementing a vertical hairline cursor
  43. Use an image as QwtDialNeedle
  44. QwtSpectogram "realtime" plotting
  45. How to add Button on Legend to enable/disable QwtPlotZoomer ?
  46. Performance issues with many Samples and closestPoint()
  47. Event handling after release of QwtPlotZoomer.
  48. QqtPlot setAxisLabelRotation doesnt work on zoom (QwtPlotMagnifier)
  49. How to add scroll bars on zoom(QwtPlotzoomer/QwtPlotmagnifire/QwtPlotpanner)
  50. attaching a QwtPlotSvgItem to a plot does not work
  51. How to set QwtLegend style as Button
  52. How to use double clicked on qwtplotlegend ?
  53. setting an image backround(using qwt multi-axis)
  54. Change curve points
  55. Qwt 6.4.1 not rendering in QtCreator
  56. Crashing QwtPlot
  57. QwtPlotZoomer disabled after deep zoom
  58. setZoomBase() of QwtPlotZoomer with value of autoReplot scale of QwtPlot
  59. QwtPlotGrid lines missing at start point
  60. How to set QwtPlotItems in .qss file
  61. QwtDial.setOrigin() issue
  62. qwtd.dll not found
  63. shifting curve in real time
  64. Drawing border of item in the QwtPlotLegendItem
  65. Convert canvas coordinates to parent widget
  66. Unresolved external symbol
  67. Project ERROR: Unknown module(s) in QT: opengl
  68. Snapping mouse cursor to curves to show tracker text, click to make it stay
  69. Qwt right-side legend suddenly went horizontal
  70. Generic implementation for vector-graphics export of qwt plot spectrograms
  71. Compile error in qwt_polar_renderer.cpp when QT_NO_PRINTER is defined
  72. Need to resize the window to make QwtPlotSpectrogram shows correctly
  73. rescale to data range when reploting
  74. Need guidelines to handle the duo curve legend selection
  75. spectrogram questions
  76. is it possible to make spectrogram's Y axis labels "fall" over time (waterfall case)
  77. Strange undefined Reference linking error QMetaObject const QwtPlot::staticMetaObjec
  78. QwtPlotSpectrogram with log scales
  79. Building qwt-6.1.3 with Qt-5.13
  80. How to remove QwtPlot grey axes background and shadow?
  81. QWTScaleDiv - devideScale - newbie question
  82. QWT oscilloscope - triggering how to implement?
  83. Exotic axis scaling
  84. Variability Plot: Custom X Axes
  85. Plot above/below grid
  86. data() in QwtPlotSpectroCurve
  87. disabled QwtPlotPanner is not immediately functional after being enabled
  88. Problems with vanishing ticks
  89. Multiple plots in one QFrame
  90. Qwt liveplot crash
  91. qwt_plot_svgitem Object File not Created
  92. Qwtplot array crashed when I deleted them before close mainwindow
  93. Qt program crash when I delete qwtplot array.
  94. QwtPlotItem::setZ() isn't working correctly
  95. How to add a vertical offset to the plot
  96. How to replace number scale with text scale in qwtplot?
  97. QwtPlotCurve not plotting dots for milliseconds
  98. plotting float data instead of double
  99. How to plot the large real time data in qwtplot ?
  100. aligning plots and color bar
  101. QwtText::font()
  102. Font of a QwtScaleDraw label
  103. Editable labels on QwtScaleDraw
  104. Qwt build error in VS2015
  105. QwtLegend problem
  106. Resize QwtSlider to full length of available space
  107. QPushButton text truncated by using StyleSheet border-image
  108. Change colour of specific item in Qwt Plot
  109. Fill area with color depending on third value array
  110. Set some kind of a property to the item
  111. Use setAxisScale to set min/max values of QwtScaleWidget
  112. Bug in QwtLinearColorMap (as I think)
  113. Financial data, add option to remove gaps for discontiguous data
  114. Get QwtPlotZoomer from QwtPlot
  115. Any way to "render" an off-screen plot with lots of data to speed up loading?
  116. Check perfomance of QwtPlotCurve with setPaintAttribute for displaying large data
  117. Are custom Axis Tags and Axis Labels possible?
  118. How to display Tornado bar chart variable and it's min and max value using QWT
  119. Scaling is not work Properly in Qwt Plot Library whenever X axis has LOG scale.
  120. Any way to disable the whole plot (gray-out)?
  121. QwtPolar Azimuth labels as text
  122. How to plot the real time data in qwtplot while erasing fixed-width old data?
  123. Is it possible to make a boxplot with qwt?
  124. Scrollbar for QwtPlotMagnifier
  125. QwtPlotCurve::Dots appearance
  126. QMediaPlaylist loop in consoleapplication in qt
  127. Adding qwt to yocto's qt for device creation and cross-compiling apps
  128. One scale widget for multiple x-axis
  129. multiple QwtPlot alignement
  130. Qwt multiaxis bug - can't set color for OpenGL canvas
  131. Qt equivalent of some Win32 code in OnMouseMove (mouseMoveEvent in Qt)
  132. Zoomer with scrollbar for multiple YLeft and YRight axes
  133. About Qwtplots from other than main.cpp
  134. QwtPlotPanner/QwtPlotZoomer issue when the plot loses the focus
  135. Cannot build qwt.dylib on MACOS
  136. QwtSeriesData: STL-compatible iterators?
  137. Qwt: Is it possible to perform GUI operations from a separate QProcess?
  138. Custom Plot Picker Design
  139. QwtPlot how to save/restore zoom settings
  140. SetAxisScale() and setAxisScaleDraw()
  141. Qwt 6.1.6 make error , sqvrenderer
  142. Qt Creator can't locate Qwt plugin
  143. How to add QwtLegend for specific case?
  144. How to add frame when click the curve?
  145. QwtScaleWidget: The length of colorbar and backbone are different
  146. Qwt Plot Grid and Plot Background problem when updating qwt 5.2.3 to 6.1.6
  147. Plots alignment
  148. Error while building QWT source in IOS
  149. QwtSpectrogram contour ON a bit slow
  150. possibility of drawing a polygon with the mouse to save a pattern
  151. <type_traits> file not found while building qwt6.1.4
  152. multiple left axes in QwtPlot still possible? -solved
  153. Qwt setSamples() throws runtime error
  154. how to reset a polygone picker programatically
  155. QwtThermo with "hanging" peak indicator
  156. Qwt 6.2 rc1
  157. Broken curve simpleplot
  158. qwtWidgetOverlay going into left axis scale
  159. Qwt 6.2-rc2
  160. Qwt x-axis is missing in the chart
  161. Proper code
  162. how to set the y-axis width?
  163. Difference in line appearance between legend and plot
  164. Problem with compiling QWT on CentOS 6.9 system
  165. "Undefined reference to `QwtPlot::QwtPlot(QWidget*)'
  166. how to add value on every bar?
  167. QWT plot with different colored backgrounds
  168. QwtPlotCurve: How can i disable antialiasing?
  169. Suggested way to implement a time-series plot
  170. How to avoid linking both ends of a Curve Plot
  171. Change curve's color based on its position relative to a second curve
  172. On the fly differences between plotted data
  173. QwtPlotCurve/QwtPlotIntervalCurve and auto scale
  174. Scrolling X Axis
  175. event_filter Example
  176. QwtPlot issue under Win CE6
  177. Unexpected minor tick on QwtPlot x axis
  178. manipulating data for log scale
  179. "Reset" panning?
  180. QwtPlot: not use scientific notation in axis labels
  181. QwtText warning: Type conversion already registered from type QString to type QwtText
  182. Plot in a transformed grid
  183. Need space between bars in QwtPlotMultiBarChart
  184. Contour plot of non-rectangular data?
  185. QwtSplineCurveFitter and auto scale
  186. QwtPlotOpenGLCanvas plot window disappears then reappears
  187. Render canvas only to QImage
  188. Qwt with CMake
  189. Qwt Lib for Qt5 and Qt6
  190. Issue of overlapping segments on a QwtPlotCurve with a thick transparent QPen
  191. QwtPlotLegendItem with items spanning multiple columns
  192. Qwt 6.2 - problems with high dpi scaling
  193. Spline interpolation behaves "weird"
  194. Odd behavior when changing scale engines
  195. Significant performance issue with high dpi
  196. Interfacing to :qwt_plot_curve.h: void setSamples( const QVector< QPointF >& );
  197. Qwt with Qt 6.7.0 QwtPlot doesn't show colors in legend