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  1. Compute the area under a curve
  2. Qwt Knobs
  3. Histogram axis labels as text
  4. QwtPlot with 4 parameters in different scales
  5. get the point of a fitted curve
  6. Replot large wav file data
  7. Problem regarding QWTPLOT
  8. QwtPlot - Revert to initial state after zooming has been cancelled
  9. Spectrogram too slow
  10. Get the plot curve to which the mouse is pointing to
  11. QWTdial inverted range
  12. Envelope of two cureves
  13. QwtPlot::print() curve thickness problem
  14. header/footer text on QwtPlot
  15. QwtPlot Brush and PDF output
  16. Step by step Qwt on MinGW
  17. undefined reference to `QwtPlot::qt_metacall(QMetaObject::Call, int, void**)'
  18. to know about Qwt
  19. Improve performance for realtime moving marker?
  20. How to different Scale and Values in Knob
  21. Detecting changes in the qwt plot axis
  22. Put plot axis out of the plot
  23. Using QwtPlot to plot binary data from file
  24. Please update contouring algorithms URL
  25. [Im/Ex]ported template classes in Windows DLL, Qwt 5.2
  26. Qwt crash in Vista
  27. QwtContouring question
  28. legend inside qwt plot
  29. Not rounded number on scales / Fixed scaling
  30. QwtPlotZoomer- zoom out using right mouse button
  31. Draw Line
  32. howto get value at Tracker Point
  33. How to get customized background printed?
  34. qwt polar dev on intrepid ubuntu??!?
  35. Printing report with more than one plot and additional text
  36. Sticks on plot not working
  37. Sticks on plot not working
  38. Remove Legend items, move legends
  39. Stack overflow while resizing QwtScaleWidgets
  40. Spacing around legend items
  41. Clip existing ContourLines of QwtPlotSpectrogram
  42. Qt Creator and qwt5 under WinXP and MinGW
  43. Scaling Issue
  44. qwt installation - please help! (SOLVED)
  45. Plotting graph of 1/x
  46. Spectrogram Plot Hints
  47. qwt
  48. Legend in plot area - picker mouse events blocked
  49. QwtPlotPicker questions
  50. Rendering an image within QwtPlot
  51. How to show the value of a point under the mouse?
  52. How to temporarily disable a redraw of one of the curves
  53. Problem automatically linking with release version of qwt libraries
  54. Qwt Data_Plot Example Runtime Error
  55. Prevent QwtPlotMagnifier zoomin out too far
  56. install Qwt Qtcreator
  57. Problem using qwt-5.1.1 with Qt 4.5 under Windows XP
  58. QwtPlotMagnifier Invert Wheel Zoom
  59. Plots won't redraw from a button's click event
  60. how to get the (x, f(x)) values under the cursor?
  61. How can i clear the rawData?
  62. 2D array data plot!
  63. Grid Minor Major and gap before the data
  64. xBottom Scale Overide
  65. Axis won't stay at new scale setting
  66. how to load data file and plot from the datafile
  67. Semi-transparent multi-layered spectrogram plots
  68. 4 axis auto scale..
  69. qt-eclipse integration and qwt
  70. simple % curve diagram.
  71. Can qwt work on Windows 7 x64?
  72. Clear previous points when using draw(from,to)
  73. Using Qwt in eclipse CDT
  74. Linux, Qt4, Qwt, and Qdevelop install
  75. Inheriting from QwtPlotCurve problems
  76. Sorting plot legend?
  77. Saving pure plot data to image file
  78. problem isntalling Qwt on Linux!!!
  79. Eclipse CDT qwt-5.2.0 integration
  80. Qwt and non-GUI application
  81. Problems with replot() and dynamical plotting
  82. QwtPlot stretching
  83. QwtPlot orthonormal visualization
  84. Insert QwtPlot in QTextDocument
  85. Qwt 5.1 + Qt 4.5 - SVG no clipping
  86. Embedding Qwt plot High Resolution
  87. Custom CurveStyle for qwt_plot_curve
  88. error compiling for QtCppIntegration
  89. qwt custom log axis
  90. Is it possible to show multiple series within the same QwtPlot widget?
  91. Can Qwt be used for financial charting? (bar chart, candlestick)
  92. How do you build QwtPolar for VC++2008?
  93. working with shapefiles in Qwt
  94. Selecting a QwtPlotCurve object.
  95. Qwt Legend Parent
  96. Once I've built Qwt, how do I add it to a form in Designer?
  97. QWidget: Must construct a QApplication before a QPaintDevice
  98. qwt plugin with QtCreator in winXP
  99. moc does not create files while compiling Qwt
  100. Undefined Reference QwtPlot::QwtPlot(QWidget*)
  101. Spectogram related
  102. centered text label
  103. How to set which axis are shown?
  104. Problem with CanvasPicker and WA_PaintOutsidePaintEvent
  105. Switching 5.2 from 5.0.2
  106. Mac OS install qwt libraries
  107. QwtPlot axis decmials/notation
  108. QWT doesnt show any windows
  109. qwt on MacOS QtCreator
  110. Axis with a probability scale
  111. qwt 5.2 install on qt 4.5
  112. zooming only x
  113. QwtPlot Performance: HowTo plot a lot points?
  114. qwp plot axis scale
  115. Windows: moc\moc_qwt_dyngrid_layout.cpp: No such file or directory
  116. Fixed size axes
  117. qwt-5.2.0 install on Qt-4.5.0 on Ubuntu and on WinXP SP3
  118. How to append a QwtPlotItem, not attach?
  119. Issue updating standard qwtPlot using 2D vector data set
  120. how to disable legend of a QwtPlotCurve in Qwt-5.2 ?
  121. QwtZoomer problem when I change axis scale [SOLVED]
  122. Installation problem with QwtPolar
  123. Printing Values of the mouse position in a graph
  124. Qwt-5.2.0 installation on WinXP
  125. Maintaining square widget (plot)
  126. Best Method to Plot Data Coming through a Socket.
  127. Maintaining a square size when zoomed in or out
  128. Saving Plots as an image file (png, bmp etc.)
  129. How to change the saving directory of a pdf printed plot?
  130. Qwt works in release, blows in debug...
  131. change plot and axis background color
  132. Refresh axis scale drawing
  133. How to zoom in negative X and Y axis ?
  134. error about installing qwt
  135. PDF export of Dots: bugs?
  136. Qwt-5.3.0-svn: oscilloscope
  137. some questions about install qwt
  138. How to create QWT plot curve with gaps?
  139. Correctly Install Qwt using Wizard in Qt 4.5
  140. How to set BackGround Image for the plot
  141. Access violation while alt-tabbing from an actively updated plot widget
  142. Qwt qch compiled help
  143. QWT & Qt-4.5 Windows CE
  144. Compiling qwt on Opensolaris
  145. Why i cannot compile qwt_designer?
  146. Avoiding Truncated Labels
  147. Qwt app compile error
  148. Multiple curves on top of each other
  149. Laying out a dialog with a plot
  150. Help with QwtPlot and QwtPlotCurve. Draw Lines.
  151. Qwt
  152. HELP: install qwt5.2.0 with qt4.5.1 and VS2005 on windows
  153. avoiding zoom out
  154. Graphic effects of QwtPlotPanner
  155. signal emitted when I zoom
  156. Obtaining infos from magnified plot
  157. double QwtPlot
  158. QwtPlot inside QScrollArea
  159. build of qwt with qwtsvgitem (msvc2005 on win xp)
  160. how to plug qwt into qt-creator/designer IDE
  161. Threads and QwtPainter::drawText
  162. Multiply defined symbols
  163. Axis Labels Rendering Quality
  164. How do i select a QwtPlotMarker using a QPlotPicker ?
  165. Runtime Error
  166. x-axis for waterfall plot
  167. Gradient in histogram
  168. how could the value in every grid after zoomer?
  169. multiple plots on multple pages
  170. Multiple curves paint most recent on top
  171. Qwt Plot with 2 dimension Array
  172. Plotting specific points with qwt
  173. QWT install for Windows with Visual studio 2005
  174. QwtPlotCurve Selection
  175. Histogram plotting from file - strange problems
  176. integration qwt 5.2.x in qtcreator 1.2.x
  177. Procedure entry point not found (QWT-5.1.1, Qt 4.1.4)
  178. zoombase issues still
  179. Implement draggable QWtplotmarker
  180. Convert QwtRasterData to QwtSeriesData
  181. real time plotting
  182. SetAxisScale problem
  183. QWTPLOT problem
  184. My QwtPlot project
  185. QwtPlotItem inverting qwtPlot scale
  186. QWT examples in Visual Studio 2005
  187. QWT install for Windows with MINGW
  188. Problem with canvas()->update()
  189. qwtplot run time error
  190. Problem using QwtPlotCanvas::paintCache();
  191. QWT integrated with QT in visual studio
  192. QwtPlot crash in Mac OS X
  193. Zooming two plots simultaneously
  194. How to disable QwtPlotMagnifier right click
  195. qwtPlot->replot() results in segmentation fault
  196. how to show coordinate xy in plot window
  197. Quick 2d plots on QAbstractTableModels
  198. How can install Qwt & integrate with QtCreator on Ubuntu Linux ?
  199. Qwt Zooming Problem....urgent
  200. Level of Details QwtData Technique?
  201. Question about multiple Y axis
  202. Qwt without double
  203. port linux app to win (runtime error)
  204. How to build QWT-5.2 with Visual Studio 2005
  205. Help understanding QWT Contour Plot
  206. How to draw a cruve with increasing data?
  207. Which QWt Files/Libraries does the End User need?
  208. Help with refreshing contour plot dynamically
  209. Qwt build error with Qt 4.6.0-tp1
  210. Remove an item
  211. Help: How do I restore original plot after several zooms?
  212. The problem of realtime_plot examples
  213. Mouse over event on qwtmarker?
  214. setAxisScale(1) doesn't do anything
  215. Help: How to draw markers on plot?
  216. Clarification on setRange and setScale
  217. How can i add a qwt5 plugin to eclipse integration?
  218. Doubt with picker, return unscale value, how to?
  219. Qwt 4.2.0 compile problems
  220. Qwt based project compile problem
  221. QwtPlot margins
  222. QwtSymbol highlighting?
  223. Help: spectrogram plot and color scale
  224. How to insert a legend in my plot?
  225. axisScaleEngine Floating does not work as documented
  226. Printing plot black & white
  227. NEED HELP: GSL with QWT
  228. Axis with more labels
  229. Qwt with Qt for S60
  230. qHash(double) problem with Qt 4.6 (tp1)
  231. Plot does not refresh
  232. Y-Axis values draw artifact
  233. qwtplot->print() removes dummy markers from legend
  234. Need basic help
  235. Segfault when calling setAxisScaleEngine more than 2 times
  236. QWT in Designer won't be promoted to custmer classes...
  237. Draw dynamic curve with various colors...
  238. QwtPlot replot() works on Mac OS, but not in Linux!
  239. Labeling scatter plot points
  240. Select multiple curves
  241. How to save a plot as .jpg..
  242. ScrollZoomer not working properly..
  243. Odd plotting behaviour
  244. problems running exampels from Qwt
  245. zoomRectangle returning null
  246. Insert QwtPlot inside QTextDocument...difficult to do
  247. Qt Creator, debug mode and libqwt.5.dylib under MacOSX
  248. QListWidget's selection issues
  249. move/drag points on qwt plot
  250. QGraphicsView and QwtPlot