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  1. How to adapt the x-axis with strings instead of with numbers ?
  2. very slow performance when using through internet
  3. Getting Qwt plugins in Qt Creator--in debug mode
  4. Rescale of the Y axis, acording to X and Z axis in QwtPlot3D
  5. How to customize the X axis?
  6. Different Colored Rectangles in QwtPlotPicker
  7. Linking error with QwtWeedingCurveFitter
  8. Qwt Bode example prints always the curves (and its legend lines) in black
  9. I cannot save a Surface plot as JPEG file
  10. Graph rotation
  11. Save a QwtPlot3D as PDF
  12. How to change the div text of axis?
  13. Link problem of QWt6 install on window platform !
  14. Simple Plot after Inputing some Data
  15. Two zoomers - two replots on zoom action?
  16. QwtPlotZoomer - zooming in on a cursor position
  17. Qwt Scale Label Precision
  18. Displaying plot in main QT window
  19. HistogramItem and Qgradient
  20. QwtScaleEngine Time scale engine
  21. Make QwtPlotRescaler reflect data changes
  22. Qwt print 3 graphs to pdf
  23. communication between ui and qwtplot
  24. Increase legend icon size?
  25. Histogram: Changing the color of one specific balk
  26. Printing with QwtPolar
  27. Legend items disappear sometimes (a bug in Qwt?)
  28. Magnify plot vertically while keeping position of baseline constant
  29. Custom QwtPlot class
  30. Zooming always snaps to curve start / end, how to avoid this?
  31. does QwtPlot keep track of its plotmarkers and curves
  32. Automatic update of scale division on resize of plot widget
  33. Change in color map?
  34. QwtPlotSpectrogram not listed in Designer, how to set up signal/slot in Designer
  35. Adding user variables to .ui file
  36. How to get the new Qwt libray (Qwt 6.0) ?
  37. Qwt designer plugin for the new 2.0.0 Qt Creator (4.6.3 SDK version)
  38. Problems with QwtPlotRenderer from Qwt 6
  39. How to make points wth a sign
  40. QWT Realtime Plot zoom
  41. How to plot tan(x) curve?
  42. How to make curves with empty intervals in them?
  43. QwtPlotCurve: maximum number of points ?
  44. QwtPolar picker
  45. sync plot grid w/ external scale widget
  46. QwtPlot sample to pixel association
  47. Plotting in 3D
  48. Draw a mesh using Qwt?
  49. plotting just the points not an actual curve
  50. qwtplot and mouse tracking
  51. Qwt-6.0.0-rc1
  52. length of Plotmarker lines
  53. ISO C++ forbids declaration of plot with no type error
  54. How to adapt the QwtScaleDraw to my needs ?
  55. ScrollZoomer: ScrollbarAlwaysOn
  56. spectrogram with fixed aspect ratio (1:1) and zooming/unzooming
  57. Overlaoding trackerText to show dates
  58. Strange extra line in my plotting, help please
  59. Access and change labels on the X-scale
  60. adding lettering within a qwtdial (i.e. "rpm x1000")
  61. spectrogram example problem
  62. Qwt 6.0.0-rc3 bugs
  63. autoScale doesn't work
  64. what is the Fix to the bug in plooting simple graph using qwt int qt?
  65. Help with QwtData please~
  66. How to Include Qwt in My Project
  67. qwt program builds but why there is no ouput window?
  68. adding plotmarkers for two different axises scales
  69. Instruction on how to rebuild QtRuby to include Qwt bindings
  70. Sharing on QwtPlotPicker showing values of dual Y axes
  71. Spectrogram zooming change
  72. how to compile the qwt5.2.1 at solaris platform?
  73. First Project with Qwt - qwt_plot.h: No such file or directory
  74. unable to build Qwt examples in Visual studio 2005
  75. What's the best way to display the points' coordinate in a QwtPlot
  76. Font cutted in pdf print
  77. Problems with QwtZoomer
  78. Why do I still get LNK 2001 error when I have defined the QWT_DLL preprocessor???
  79. A patch to fix some compiler warnings in qwt
  80. help~how can i acheive a qtoolbutton like this?
  81. Installing Qwt-6.0.0-rc4 on Windows
  82. QwtPlotCurve->sample() in Qwt 6 & qt 4.7
  83. Fill area above baseline and below the curve
  84. plot dates on x-axis, convert from unix?
  85. QwtScaleDraw align label to xaxis
  86. Qwt Tex Text Doesnt work for me
  87. QwtPicker with QwtHistogram
  88. QwtPlot : hello world! simple instructions for the first 2d plot
  89. absolute beginner - still installation problems!
  90. Sorry, still get problems with QwtZoomer. Please help!
  91. Can't build qwt with visual studio
  92. error: no matching function for call to ‘QwtPlotCurve::setData
  93. axes don't readjust when add new qwtplotcurves
  94. QwtPlot - how to get rid of co-ordinates displayed alongside cursor?
  95. _Z5qFreePv en QtCore4.dll
  96. Why doesn’t QWinHost draw, when it has a parent?
  97. getting QWT to work with QTcreator
  98. QwtPlotCurve and QScrollArea
  99. Axis problem with tiling QWTplots
  100. set a line with and a color?
  101. detach only one qwt plot curve?
  102. QwtPlot fixed X-axis display
  103. Zoom on only one axis?
  104. QwtPlot, how to remove gap between xBottom axis and yLeft?
  105. QWtPlot: Workaround for insertLegend bug?
  106. zoomer doesn't zoom into the correct rectangle?
  107. How to display external legends in Qwt?
  108. Qwt 6.0 QwtPlotSpectroCurve dot size
  109. Help with histograms
  110. Axis margins
  111. Zooming problem with QwtSymbol::Ellipse
  112. cloud of dots
  113. Bugs in QwtMatrixRasterData?
  114. PlotPicker: TrackerText Position
  115. Y-Axis Textdirection
  116. qwt plots & inheritance
  117. Alcatel DataCard upgrade tool source code
  118. QwtPlotHistogram
  119. qwt zoomer: a complete user case scenario?
  120. get actual data from zoomed plot - how to cut a part of a curve?
  121. logarithmic scales
  122. Running QWT Examples in Mac OS X
  123. Using scroll bars with QwtPlotMagnifier
  124. QwtMagnifier zooming
  125. How to change the mouse pattern of QwtPlotPicker?
  126. How to reset zoom in/out back to original plot scale using QwtPlotMagnifier?
  127. Using a zoomer to generate horizontal scrolling without zoom
  128. Can I set QwtPlot axis scale non-consecutive?
  129. qwt several curves at a plot
  130. qwtPlotPicker: simple problem to start understanding how it works
  131. Plotting bar graphs using QwtPlotHistogram
  132. Cannot attach QScrollBar to QwtPlot
  133. how to set width of the bars in QwtPlotHistogram?
  134. Overloading drawColumn method of QwtPlotHistogram
  135. QwtLinearColorMap not working for a [-26, 0] range data set?
  136. Help: How to add QwtPlotMarker at a FIX position?
  137. Multiple types and other errors compiling qwt app
  138. Twisted Letters in Vertical Axis Title
  139. Alignment of QwtSymbol
  140. Rendering order of items in a QwtPlot
  141. Multiple curves with both dots and lines
  142. Labels on QwtPlot
  143. How can I tell which scale is used on an axis?
  144. axis autoscale: 2 user case scenarios
  145. mouse tracking showing float numbers
  146. How to show all labels
  147. Could anyone tell me what the functionality of QwtPlotItem::setItemAttribute?
  148. How to set label under the each bar in Histogram chart?
  149. Qwt axes and really small/large values
  150. Can run every Qwt demo except svgmap
  151. Random-memory image in QwtPlotSpectrogram when using invalid Z-interval
  152. How to hide axis labels
  153. installing qwt
  154. How to add the random symbol syles(ex:QwtSymbol::Ellipse) for the multiple curves..
  155. Qwt canvas using QGLWidget?
  156. Background color
  157. Double-Click Zoom out feature
  158. problem in : QwtPlotCurve::Fitted
  159. Qwt + mingw64
  160. How can I show tooltip QwtPlotCurve's name on Canvas by clicking?
  161. Curve legend doesn't show a symbol entirely
  162. Can QwtPlotPicker emit the selected signal for more than one mouse event?
  163. qwt plot
  164. Change mouse bindings for qwtplotzoomer
  165. QwtPlot QDateTime / QTime as X-axis - changing base time
  166. MultiScale support can be implemented?
  167. QwtLegend background in a Tab Widget
  168. Cannot find QwtPlotHistogram class
  169. problem by executing a simple example of Qwt3dplot, surface plot from mesh file
  170. setAxisScaleDiv - my scale div is invalid
  171. how to obtain a concrete plot curve?
  172. How to signing points on the graph
  173. QwtPlotScaleItem
  174. How do I implement a railway flow?
  175. change manually the scale of y-axis
  176. Plot items
  177. How to write station's name on the city map
  178. change label format
  179. How to manually pan canvas
  180. Lining up 3 curves of a QwtPlot
  181. QWT cross compilation for AVR32
  182. Qwt 6.0 documentation
  183. Multiple axes with a relation
  184. Interpolation points of a fitted curve
  185. axis text management
  186. Changing the QwtScaleDraw depending on data values
  187. Custom symbol for QwtPlotMarker
  188. How to draw aligned elements next to QwtLegendItem
  189. QwtPolarPlot radius scale
  190. Show text on mouse hover on plot
  191. Google map on QwtPlotSpectrogram
  192. spectrogram with rescaler in mdi subwindow
  193. Export QwtPlot to png file with help print
  194. Connecting QwtPlotCurve and QTableView (NOOB)
  195. Plotting socket data
  196. Why is there a special problem with QtSVG during installation?
  197. QwtPlotZoomer: cut of markers close to canvas borders
  198. qwt canvas border
  199. qwt installation
  200. Printing plot with many legend items
  201. Beginner layout question
  202. create a qwt plot
  203. quick help:cannot initialize the zoomer into a specific rect
  204. Link error in TV plot example
  205. Curve Fitting Not Always Applied
  206. cannot find -lqwtd error
  207. Promote to ..
  208. qwt zoomer::zoomed(QRectF) -->possible bug?!
  209. Digram not displayed.
  210. Qwt graphics in a webpage?
  211. Seting the size of plot
  212. Setting QwtPlot's canvas as Transparent wthout stylesheet way?
  213. Real time data plotting using Qwt
  214. creating custom curve style
  215. Sublcassing QwtPlotItem to customize its drawing behaviour
  216. PyQT QwtScaleDiv constructor does not accept float min and max
  217. Crosshair on Canvas
  218. PyQT QwtScaleDiv adds ticks to axis
  219. Set a picture for the background
  220. Graphic by Qwt in a QGraphicsView
  221. QwtPlotZoomer->setZoomBase
  222. QwtPlotPicker to edit the labels
  223. Legend manipulation
  224. How to run qwt application in DevKit OK6410
  225. What determines color of text shown as axis label?
  226. How to retain previous values in graph? QWT
  227. how to create a curve in qwtplot?
  228. QwtPolarMarker and QwtLegend
  229. SVG files in Qwt library
  230. Qwt polar with compatible version
  231. QwtPlotHistogram question
  232. Plot failure
  233. QWT::Knob with the logarithmic scale
  234. QwtPolar and orientation of azimuth scale
  235. Spectrogram
  236. Signal in Qt which emits its signal if a file is pasted in a directory?
  237. manually drawing on the canvas
  238. Gantt charts with QWT ?
  239. QwtPlot example using a fixed aspect ratio zoomer?
  240. QwtPolar with latest QWT
  241. getting attached curve to a plot
  242. Clicking on QwtPlot
  243. QT_LIBINFIX and Qwt
  244. The QT creator embedded Designer can't show the qwt plug correctly
  245. Qwt 6.0.0 and removal of copy constructors.
  246. Setting Initial QwtSlider Position
  247. QWTPlot runtime properties dialog and editor
  248. LNK1179 building QWT 6.0.0 under vs2005 QT 4.7
  249. displaying a recorded signal as a graph
  250. qwt 6.0 errors in the headers files ?