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  1. zooming when mouse hovers axis-label
  2. Installing qwtpolar 1.0 on Linux
  3. Change QwtPlot Widget's <header> location in the *.ui file
  4. Draw a single point into a qwt plot
  5. QwtData::boundingRect() - different approach
  6. [solved] QwtDoubleInterval in Dll not found
  7. qwt axis scale
  8. How to correctly use zoomer when adding new curves?
  9. QwtPolar: Plot using a 2-dimensional array
  10. How to get the selected point index with QwtPlotPicker
  11. How to show scrollbars when magnifying a plot?
  12. how to install qwt?
  13. QwtRasterData and non-linearly sampled data
  14. How can i replace big text in QLegendItem
  15. Qwt X-Axis with Date, correct distance
  16. Delay in plotting the points in QwtPlotCurve
  17. Calling setInterval on QwtRasterData after initialization does not update Color Map
  18. QWT + release mode compilation error
  19. Compile QWT for ARM linux
  20. Get y throught x
  21. An error in QwtScaleDiv::invert
  22. QwtSeriesData and boundingRect()
  23. How to extend a QWT class in order to use it in Visual Studio 2008
  24. PyQt, Qwt: Add a horizontal line (y=value)
  25. Replicate zoomer functionality offered by qwtplot
  26. Multitouch Zoom with QWTPLOT in Windows
  27. Changing colors of axis label and scale
  28. How to copy QwtPlot
  29. QwtPlot legend with axis
  30. Ignoring keyboard events in QwtPlotPicker
  31. Phasor Plotting with QwtPolar (drawing rays on a polar coordinate grid)
  32. Hiding intervals on axis scales
  33. Unable to create qwtPlot object
  34. Maybe a bug in QwtLegendItem::setIdentifierWidth(int) ?
  35. QwtKnob - how to set the labels?
  36. Issues building QWT on Windows 64 bits with MSVC 2008
  37. Newbie: Pdf doesnt print correctly
  38. polardemo example
  39. How to change the display format of numbers on axis?
  40. Qwt and thread question
  41. Performance issues QwtPlot
  42. Patch Multi Axes Zoom
  43. Can I mix QWT builds with the QtSDK
  44. Vertical plot with qwtplot
  45. Interesting installation problem
  46. How I installed Qwt-6.0.1 the Uwe way on a Windows7 Xp 32 bit machine
  47. Time in x - axis
  48. Qwt major and minor grid
  49. Qwt 6.0 on Mac OSX
  50. Curve without a title
  51. QwtThermo scale update
  52. QWT and time series
  53. Zoom in real time
  54. QwtPlot derived class
  55. how to scroll qwtplot?
  56. Problems with plotting straight lines with QWT
  57. Qwt & save as image
  58. reimplement drawTracker issue in my picker class derived from QwtPlotPicker
  59. QwtPlotZoomer locks up, possibly bug?
  60. Qwt real time
  61. Using Qwt with QVector
  62. How can I insert more than one y-axis?
  63. Qwt realtime plotting using QwtPlotDirectPainter
  64. draw ticks pointing inwards while labels stay outside the plot area
  65. Qwt display coordinates label
  66. How to know the value of a point on the graph?
  67. libqwt_designer_plugin.dylib - Not a valid plugin
  68. Qwt 5.2.7 SVG generating QwtPlot::drawCanvas
  69. Show a scale for the same axis on both sides of the plotcanvas
  70. refreshtest example: newbie understanding problems
  71. Building qwt-6.0.2 with qt-4.8
  72. Problem with qwtPlot in qml,Events won't work correctly
  73. Mingw32 problem when making install of qwt-6.01
  74. Cannot move QwtPlotMarker
  75. synchronize the X-axis of two plots
  76. redraw the axes of a QwtPlot during a panning (QwtPlotPanner)
  77. QwtPlotRenderer doesn't render QwtScaleWidget axis
  78. setCurveType missing in Qwt 6.0.1?
  79. QwtPlotPicker and QwtPlotDirectPainter causes bolding of text
  80. Qwt with QWidget or QGraphicsView+QGraphicsScene
  81. Plot different curves with different colors
  82. Panning with Qwt
  83. QwtPlotGrid, precise grid and backgroundimage
  84. pdf with non-vector fonts
  85. Compiling QWT Examples on Windows with MingW32 ?
  86. Read contents of QwtSeriesData<QPointF>
  87. How to clear the plotting area?
  88. A range check bug in QwtScaleDiv::setTicks() and QwtScaleDiv::ticks()
  89. Doubt with dotted line
  90. Force grid to have fixed number of lines and the same with number of tick labels
  91. How to implement an "adaptive" pixelHint for Spectrogram?
  92. How to enable mouse wheel using QwtPlotPanner?
  93. overriding QwtSeriesData<QPointF>::boundingRect
  94. QwtPlot - multiple axis
  95. mingw32-make install fails with qwt.
  96. How to use QwtPlotPicker to track some selected points?
  97. Adding style inside QwtDial
  98. KeyPatternCode and QwtPlotZoomer/QwtPlotPicker
  99. One-line legend has unneeded scrollbars in Qwt
  100. Refreshing a Custom QwtScaleDraw
  101. How build and install Qwt in windows 7?
  102. Missung method QwtPlot::clear() in Qwt 6.0.1
  103. qwt6.0.1 legend problem
  104. QT programing
  105. Contour correction
  106. QWT Spectrogram
  107. Nonuniform raster data resampler for QwtPlotSpectrogram (Qwt 5.2)
  108. the replot of a qwtPlot is too slow
  109. the replot of a qwtPlot is too slow
  110. the replot of a qwtPlot is too slow
  111. QwtPlot + UI problem
  112. QwtPlotCurve plots quite slowly with 5K points
  113. Qwt on Symbian
  114. qwtPlotHistogram negative index
  115. QWT .lib files
  116. where should I put qwt plugin on linux?
  117. oscilloscope example,how to add a square wave on the canvas
  118. QWT Library Deployment Problems on a Mac, OSX 10.6
  119. Problem with applying patch for Multiple Axis Scales
  120. Regarding plotting using .csv file in QWT
  121. Problem with QwtPlotZoomer
  122. Qwt minimize drawing part
  123. Problem with zoomer
  124. How to export the QWT Plot as png file with preserve the plot aspect raio??
  125. [Spectrogram Example] Visualisation of double[11][11] array
  126. Qwt Side-bySide bar charts/graphs
  127. QwtPlotcurve multiple curves
  128. show xy coordinate of the mouse near the mouse cursor
  129. About the UWE way to install qwt
  130. Problem with building the project with qwt module
  131. Prefered QWT Install Directory
  132. Curve color and legend identifier color are not consistent
  133. Draw marker during drag and rectangle during zoom
  134. X axis tick label - font size
  136. Qwt Plot using an image as background reference
  137. How to adjust my yData according to my Time scale
  138. QwtRasterData::value(x,y) giving x ot y > QwtInterval::maxValue()
  139. qTableWidgetItem and qwtPlot subclassing
  140. sticks and baseline
  141. QwtPlotPicker picks points of whole canvas, but I need only the points on QwtPlotCurv
  142. adjust number of symbols shown on curve
  143. Underlay map image in QwtPlot
  144. Anyone have a .cmake file for qwt 6.0.1 that works under windows?
  145. Determine if axis is log scaled?
  146. Set semi-transparent background on QwtPlotZoomer RectRubberBand
  147. Scale Breaks in the QWT plot axis
  148. QList of QwtPlotCurve s | remove QwtPlotCurve from QwtPlot
  149. 3 qwt plot with same time axis but different samplerate
  150. Looking for example of QwtPlotCurve implemented into Qt Quick (QML) project
  151. Install Event Filter instead of PlotPanner
  152. setting one value transparent in QwtPlotSpectrogram
  153. Installation to use QWT in QML project.
  154. How do I change plot scale based on the selection
  155. How to get the points (screen interval) using QwtPlotZoomer?
  156. How do I set proper zoom scale for each refresh
  157. QwtPlot width not accepting more than 32800. Is it a bug?
  158. Zooming the plot without the marker
  159. PyQwt - Toggling Legend Visibility
  160. Sir, Find error in this code? Why am i not able to draw the symbols?
  161. replot() performance
  162. Debugbinaries on Linux
  163. Question about periodic spline interpolation
  164. Is it possible to get a legend ID using QwtLegend?
  165. How to obtain values of a zoomed curve ?
  166. How do I dynamically adjust the position of QwtPlotMarker using mouse click & drag ?
  167. QwtPlot - detect zoom
  168. A problem when using QwtPlotPanner and QwtPlotDirectpaint
  169. Qwtplot curve not shown
  170. How to set Qwt path to the run-time linker in Xubuntu
  171. How to plot discontinuous curves in Qwt ?
  172. Animating a QwtPolarPlot
  173. Plot x^2 curve
  174. Position of plottitle and TopLegend
  175. latest qwt (6.x) doesn't contain QwtPlotPrice?
  176. Dynamically change existing curve color
  177. QwtPlotMagnifier
  178. Is it possible to have multiple curves with only one y-axis?
  179. QwtPolarPlot questions
  180. How to set the fixed start and enf od the axis value?
  181. How to hide legend for only one curve?
  182. Qwt real time plotting
  183. Problem with zooming the plot
  184. Parts of plot dissapear during scrolling
  185. Qwt Interpolation
  186. Multiple Legends
  187. QwtPlot reset (clear samples)
  188. Qwt 5.2.1 to 6.0.1
  189. Mouse Interactive Plots
  190. Add a starting value tick on axis
  191. QwtMatrixRasterData - setting a fixed column width
  192. QwtPlotMarker and scaling
  193. It is a possible to disable QwtPlot autoscaling of contents?
  194. qwtpolar i can build the src successfully but not the examples !!!!!
  195. Custom Qwt based widget for Designer
  196. conversion of Qwt 5.2.1 to Qwt 6.0.1 QwtData to what class
  197. Qwt and Qt commercial license
  198. Build qwt applications with different qmake versions
  199. Problem with adding Q_Object to qwtPlot derived class
  200. How to use Patch for Multi Axis qwtPlot
  201. Building qwt with qt5 alpha
  202. Rotate items in qwt
  203. Qwt Zoom
  204. QwtPlot filter
  205. Problem using setAxisScaleDraw and QwtPlotZoomer
  206. Problem of using QwtLog10ScaleEngine with QwtPlotHistogram
  207. QwtPlot x axis label
  208. Problem with the reimplementation of the zoom function of a QwtPlotZoomer
  209. How do I change the color of arc & text in QwtDial ?
  210. How could I display the pos(x,y) of the axis designed by QwtPlot under the mouse ?
  211. Qwt Join x and y axis
  212. qwtd.lib not found error while building qwt6.0.1 with Qt5
  213. Rendering a Raw Image into a Qwt Plot
  214. how Can I cut part of x axes in QwtPlot???
  215. zooming and moving marker
  216. how to put a Pixmap in a qwtplot?
  217. catching mouseMoveEvent on QwtPlot
  218. Canvas never transparent
  219. Is there a way to change the appearance of qwtplot
  220. Differential Equations Simulation
  221. Undefined reference to signal
  222. Using QwtRasterData for displaying the raster data resultant from R language
  223. Drawing thousands of points with ability to seletc or click them??
  224. Display two needles in a single QwtDial
  225. Qwt curve fitting takes a lot of time
  226. Align vertically QwtPlot
  227. Layout inside QwtLegend
  228. QwtDial: set custom frameShadow
  229. how to make the qwtscale periodic?
  230. Legend item with SVN trunk
  231. Steps for Building 64-bit Windows Version of QWT 6.0.2
  232. Markers and their fast display on plot
  233. integrate qwt tvplot in QT Application
  234. Buiding with static qwtlib, but when runnig exe. asking for qwt.so.6 (shared lib) ???
  235. axisAutoScale problem in QwtPlot
  236. get coordinates of plottings area
  237. QwtPlotPicker
  238. QwtPlot/Canvas and QPainter
  239. Rectangular selection with "unlimited" height
  240. QwtPlotCurve shift by 1 pixel
  241. Generating continuous wave (sine/cos)
  242. Qwt 6.1.0 trunk and QwtLegend
  243. qwtwheel doesn't draw tick marks and is unresponsive
  244. Set size of QwtPlot/canvas
  245. Remote/Key/Event on QT framework
  246. Adding a layer to QwtPlotSpectrogram
  247. QwtPlot axis labels
  248. How can I add title of the QwtPlotCurve(line) which situated abive the QwtPlotCurve?
  249. A problem with memory management
  250. QwtPlotOverlay