View Full Version : Remove QSizeGrip/Size Grip from a QWidget or QDialog?

5th November 2007, 08:48

I'm trying to display a QDialog to the user with a few text fields and two buttons that I designed in Qt Designer. The dialog itself works just fine, but on Mac OS X the dialog contains a small size grip at the lower right corner.

Following the Human Interface Guidlines of Mac OS X, this is wrong and the size grip should not be there.

I tried to remove it by a) disabling it in Qt Designer, which did not work; b) remove it by calling setResizeGripsVisible(), which did not work either. I also took a look into the Window Flags example and played around with that a little bit - no luck.

So, how do I remove that size grip from my window on Mac OS X? :)

Thanks in advance!

~ Cheetah

5th November 2007, 17:35
By setResizeGripsVisible() I assume you mean QDialog::setSizeGripEnabled?

You might also try setting the size policy of the dialog to QSizePolicy::Fixed for both vertical and horizontal.