View Full Version : remove the top left icon on qwidget\qdialog

7th November 2007, 16:04
Hi All,

How do i remove the top left (default) icon on a widget\dialog?
Tried SetIcon(0) and did not succeed


7th November 2007, 18:20
Hmm.. Not sure it is possible to remove it. You could make a temporary transparent icon and setWindowIcon with that.. Would at least make it invisible.

8th November 2007, 10:40
so ther is no way other than setting a transparent image?

9th November 2007, 03:40
Hmm.... Not familiar w/ Qt3, and you didn't mention which platform you're on, so not sure if this helps... but.... FWIW, here's what I can say regarding how things work in Qt4/Windows.

In Windows, the icon shows up when you have the WS_SYSMENU style. In Qt4, this is turned on when the Qt::WindowSystemMenuHint window flag is set, which is on by default I think. For dialogs, they seem to only remove it when your QDialog does NOT have a 'Cancel' button...