View Full Version : Notifying Mainwindow of an event..

9th November 2007, 21:45
I have an application where I have a Mainwindow which handles
page changes and a tree directory. Certain events that happen
way down the line in other classes need to get propagated to
my Mainwindow class.

It at first seemed like a signal/slot implementation. However the
class where this event occurs has no knowledge of the MainWindow class and
vice versa so I cannot directly callback, or connect a MainWindow
slot to this signal.

There must be some slick way to accomplish this. All the options
I have come up with seem clumsy and not in the QT way...

I want to be able to generate this event and have only my MainWindow
class see it.


9th November 2007, 22:29
Ignored events (http://doc.trolltech.com/4.3/qevent.html#ignore) usually get propagated to parent widget.