View Full Version : Translate the SimpleChat example into PyQt

16th November 2007, 18:50
Hi Guys!!

I know that what i going to ask is to much, but someone could help me to translate this short/simple app into PyQt? I have no experience in c++ so it cost me to translate c++ syntax to python/PyQt one.

The URL: http://wiki.qtcentre.org/index.php?title=Simple_chat
The files: http://wiki.qtcentre.org/images/SimpleChat.zip

I will very gratefully if some could do it.


16th November 2007, 21:16
change "->" to "."
change braces ("{}") to indentations
remove all asterisks ("*") which are not multiplications
"class" denotes a... class - change it to python format

These should get you going... If you have some problems, come back and ask. In doubt, use Google.