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27th November 2007, 18:57
I am having problems trying to use QDockWidgets. This is my first time using these and they do not behave how I would plan for them to behave. I initially put them all on the right side, 4 in total, but allow them to all be moved to any of the 4 dock locations or to be floated. One thing I dislike about them is that when I move on the dock widgets to another dock area, the widgets resize stretching their items apart from each other. So I set the Horizontal and Vertical size policies to FIXED.

After setting the size policies to FIXED, I am only able to move on dock widget to a dock area after creation. If I move one widget from the right to the left, I cannot add another widget to the left or move this widget back to the right. If I take of the FIXED size, I can move 3/4 the widgets to the left side with no problem, but not the 4th widget. Is there a reason why I can only move one widget to a side when the sizes are fixed and only move 3/4 widgets to a side when the sizes aren't fixed? Thanks again for your help!

27th November 2007, 22:06
A descriptive screenshot would certainly help us to understand the problem..

27th November 2007, 22:26
Unfortunately I will not be able to get you a screen shot. I have been able to get all 4 dock widgets from one side to the other, though it was not an easy task. It was very picky about that. So I guess what I would like to know if there is a way to keep the dock widgets from growing too tall vertically (preferably FIXED although I cannot get it to work) and still be able to move more than 1 dock widget to the same new location. I will see if I can get a small code snippet to prove my point.

I am working on a stand-alone Sun OS 9 machine if this helps any. Thanks again!

28th November 2007, 15:29
Well I have copied the code onto a Windows box and it works fine in Windows XP. But I still have problems getting the dock widgets to correctly move in Solaris 9. Here is a compilable piece of code that I have run on both Solaris and Windows. It works very nice and easy in Windows, but in Solaris I have no luck. Can somebody else try the code out in Solaris and see if they have the same problem as me? Thanks!

28th November 2007, 16:49
Which style are you using, eg. what does qApp->style()->objectName() output? Does it work better if you launch the app with command line option "-style windows"?

28th November 2007, 17:13
I thought the exaxt same thing as you so I have tried not using the -style flag, I have tried "-style cde" and "-style windows" but to no avail they all behave the same way. I could only get one dock widget on a side when I tried to move them there. They all line up on the right side when I run the program since the code tells it to go there. But after that I cannot move them to a side with multiple docks. Even using the Windows style, where you can tab the dock widgets, it would not allow me to do that. Thanks again!

29th November 2007, 14:37
Has anybody gotten a chance to try this on a Solaris box to see if they have the same problem? Thanks!