View Full Version : edyuk does not work!!!!

29th November 2007, 18:47
hi, when i compiled edyuk , edyuk.exe file is produced but when i try to execute it
an message appeare that say edyuk.dll is no exist.
note that i built the edyuk using build.pat file.
can someone help me???
Thank you!

2nd December 2007, 14:49
I'd need more informations to help you...

which version of Edyuk did you test?
which compiler are you using?
did the build process complete (edyuk.exe, edyuk.dll and some more dlls in the plugins folder should have been created)?
if it did not please send a full build logregards

4th December 2007, 21:33
first i am using edyuk-0.9.2
i am using minGw compiler
the exe file is produced
thank you for your cooperation

6th December 2007, 11:43
first i am using edyuk-0.9.2
I'm afraid I dropped support for 0.9.2 as I don't have enough time to both maintain that code branch and improve the work in progress 1.0 version... Please consider testing one of the newer packages. Alternatively you could try to fix these bugs on your own and I'd be happy to apply porper patches and release new packages for the 0.9 branch.