View Full Version : How to build library-independent executable?

6th March 2006, 00:33
Hi there,
I wrote an application in Qt 4.1 and I would like to build a win32 .exe file which could be launched on every windows system, whether or not the Qt libraries are installed. Is it possible? I think that I should link it somehow to insert needed libraries into the executable, but I don't know how.
Any suggestions?

6th March 2006, 00:48
You can either distribute Qt DLLs along with your program, or compile the static version of the Qt and use static linking ("CONFIG += static", AFAIR).

6th March 2006, 07:02
And how do I know which dlls will my app need?

6th March 2006, 07:13
And how do I know which dlls will my app need?
Application Dependencies (http://doc.trolltech.com/4.1/deployment-windows.html#application-dependencies)

6th March 2006, 07:29
What a great tool, thanks :)

11th March 2006, 15:27
Does the "depends" tool come with the open source version for windows?

11th March 2006, 15:47
The dependency walker (http://www.dependencywalker.com/) util is not related to Qt.

11th March 2006, 16:51
Doh! :rolleyes:
I guess I missed where that was pointed out......