View Full Version : Error in Qt/embedded 4.0.0 with qvfb

10th December 2007, 09:02

i had configured and compiled qt-embedded-opensource-4.0.0-b2.tar.gz for the host ,to be viewed in QVFB.but when i open them in qvfb, i could not operate the mouse and the keyboard properly. i just gave "./configure", "make","make install". it compiled successfully. but while running it on QVFb, the mouse and the keyboard ad not operating them. when i click on the close button(X mark icon at the top right end ) using the mouse, the mouse cursor in the QVFB is present at the top left corner and its shaking always. i mean its not stable. In compiling qt-embedded-free-3.3.5.tar.bz2, i gave the same above options, and i was able to use mouse and keyboard successfully. is my procedure of compiling correct ?

can anyone provide me any solutions or suggestions for this ? if i'm wrong, then can anyone please suggest me the correct solutions ?

thanks in advance,

10th December 2007, 11:31

i compiled qtopia-core-opensource-src-4.3.3.tar.gz also and found that here too the problem persists. Wont the Qt/Qtopia core by default detect the mouse and keyboard of the system and work with QVFB. Should we specify the environmental variables QWS_MOUSE_PROTO and QWS_KEYBOARD to point to the pc's mouse and keyboard ?

But i tried that also i specified the mouse as follows:

export QWS_MOUSE_PROTO=MouseMan:/dev/input/mice.

now its working a bit. but there is an offset between the movement of mouse cursor inside the QVFb and the physical mouse pointer. and the keyboard i gave as follows:

export QWS_KEYBOARD=TTY:/dev/tty0
.it worked,but for a short time and after that the entire display hangs. Am i missing something while compiling. While using qt-embedded-free-3.3.5. with QVFB, i won't specify any option like this and it will automatically detect the mouse and keyboard of the host and will work perfectly.

I don't know why its not working for the version > 3.3. Am i doing anything wrong ? if yes can anyone say me the correct way ?

thanks in advance,