View Full Version : amscalc - calculator for ammoniumsulfate precipitation

14th December 2007, 06:34
amscalc is a small tool that I created during my Master in Molecular Biology.
The program is a calculator for protein precipitation using the salt ammoniumsulfate

It has a very simple interface, allowing the user to enter the start% and planned end% AS. When calculate is pressed, the app will return three values: mass of AS needed to obtain end%, final [AS] and the predicted end volume.
The program assumes that the Weight/Volume of a 100%AS solution is constant at all temperatures, 0,10,20,25 (Degrees Celcius), but does take into account that the solubility of AS changes at various temperatures..

I hope this will help someone... even though i'm probably the only protein chemist here?!? Enjoy!:rolleyes:


Regards nikau

30th October 2008, 05:55
There was an error in the source code, so here is the latest release that works as intended


Regards Nikau