View Full Version : what are the new features in Qt Commercial Version?

20th December 2007, 12:14
Hi all,

If anybody knows any good features in Qt commercial Version , please share your knowledge?

20th December 2007, 12:28
The two versions are functionally identical. The difference is that the commercial version supports MSVC by adding a VS Integration and also supports Intel compilers.

20th December 2007, 12:34
With a commercial license you also might have access to the solutions package.

See http://trolltech.com/products/qt/addon/solutions/catalog.


20th December 2007, 12:41
With a commercial license you also might have access to the solutions package.

But you have to pay an additional fee for it.

20th December 2007, 13:06
The commercial version has database access for Oracle, PostgreSQL, SQLite3 and other databases built in. The GPL version doesn't have Oracle or other commercial database connectivity built in but it does have PostgreSQL and SQLite3 connectivity.

The commercial version gives you the right to create apps and sell the binaries without having to supply the source code. Using the GPL version will require that you supply the source code to your customers if they ask for it. Combine Qt (either version) with PostgreSQL 8.x and you have a killer combination. For Java developersTrolltech has their Jambi widget set, which looks exactly like the Qt for C++, but it uses the Java language instead.

The annual license for the commercial version (our's was just renewed for the 3rd year for about $1K) gives you direct email contact with Trolltech's developer support. Those folks are good. If I were writing an app to sell commercially their annual fee would be trivial compared to the value of their support and the revenue my app should bring in. Of course, just because you build it doesn't mean they will come, but if your app is something that people want you won't blink an eye at the annual support costs.

Other than that there is no difference between the GPL and commercial version. Consider that the Linux desktop, KDE, is being brought to Linux desktops everywhere thanks to Trolltech's GPL version of QT. If you've used KDE , KOffice, K3B and and other free Qt based apps, and you know their power, then you understand what a magnificent gift Trolltech has made to the FOSS community.