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15th January 2008, 04:52
Hi Friends,

Am using qt 2.3.10 (Embedded) on Linux to develop embedded application.
I dont know how to make qpf file using ttf file..
Let me know what are the steps needed..
Any suggestions are highly appreciable..
Thanks in advance..
Noufal k

10th March 2008, 21:16
I have done something similar with qt embedded 3.3.4.
Took a ttf font
converted to bdf using ttf2bdf tool.
prepared a line inside fontdir file.

compiled qte with "full config" configuration.
launched an application like this:

myapp -savefonts

in the application you have to do at least one writing.
automatically the application saves the qpf file.
the second time the application will be quicker because it will use the qpf file directly.

bye bye