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11th March 2006, 23:12
When I hold a button down (finger on the corresponding key), it ignores
all other buttons until I release the one I was holding down.

My buttons are declared like:
QPushButton *forwards = new QPushButton("Forwards", this, "forwards");

How can I prevent this, please?


13th March 2006, 10:23
Tell us about your global task

13th March 2006, 10:26
Are we talking about buttons or keys here?

15th March 2006, 04:40
Buttons and the corresponding keys, but you can't click 2 buttons at once
(unless you have done something really weird with your mouse configuration),
so the problem happens with the keys.

I am running a simulation of a psychological experiment. People wander around
in a maze with a blindfold. I have to input their behaviour in a time series
database. So I look at the video of the experiment, and at the same time I move
a simulated person in a simulated maze.

The problem I have is movement direction versus body direction. Some people
move along sideway as they follow a wall. So sometimes I have to rotate the
direction of the movement, sometimes I have to rotate the body of the person,
and sometimes I have to rotate both at once. But I can't rotate both at once
because if I hold down 2 keys only one is taken into account. The same happens
in other situations where I have to input 2 different indicators at once.


15th March 2006, 21:50
Uch maybe its stupid but why can't you add one button that makes both things for you?