View Full Version : Qt 4.3.3 Open Source for Windows - Strange QMake fault/error /bug ??

19th February 2008, 21:52
On my windows system, I have Mingw32, and QT 4.3.3 open source which I compiled using mingw32.
I used QDevelop to generate a new project but this project does not build - there seems to be a problem with the way Qmake uses the \ and / seperators. in file names and in rule names.
Here is an extract from the Debug makefile to show what I mean:

$(DESTDIR_TARGET): build\ui_mainwindow.h build\ui_newfile.h $(OBJECTS)

further down the makefile it says:

build/ui_mainwindow.h: ui/mainwindow.ui
c:\qt_compiled\4.3.3\qt-win-opensource-src-4.3.3\bin\uic.exe ui\mainwindow.ui -o build\ui_mainwindow.h

This causes mingw32 to report:
*** No rule to make target `build\ui_mainwindow.h'

has anyone else found this problem?

20th February 2008, 15:30
Are you able to compile a Hello World example from command line? Do you by any chance have Visual Studio installed? If so, try removing LIB and INCLUDE environment variables.

20th February 2008, 20:48
Hello jpn,
I did originally have VisualStudioExpress 9.0 on the system - but that interfered with the compile of Qt4.
I did remove it - and as much of the bits that it left behind as much as possible.

I can build the samples from the command line - but they have all the files (cpp, h, and ui) all together in the same directory - so the problem does not happen.

(at the moment I have changed the UI directory of the QDevelop project to be the same as the other files - so the problem doesn't happen).

But I'm still intrigued.......