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21st February 2008, 10:40
I have long wished I could merge two of my hobbies : fantasy novels and programming. Looks like time has come.

As I wanted to learn more about game design, Graphics View and Network programming I started coding a funny board game : Thud!

Pratchett's readers probably know what comes next but some of you might have missed his Discworld novels so I'll take some time to explain what the game is about.

Trolls and dwarves have never been very fond of each other. This was to be expected as trolls are made of stone and dwarves spend their lives in mines, shattering rocks to get some gems out of them. Thud! (which, as a side note, is the sound made by a troll's club meeting a dwarf helmet) is a board game where 32 dwarves and 8 trolls fight valiantly to celebrate the anniversary of the Koom Valley battle. Complete rules can be found on Wikipedia so I am not going to write them here.

Currently my implementation of the game has no network play, a very basic score display and only classic Thud rules are available but hopefully I designed the code carefully to allow easy addition of new rule sets later on.

Have fun. :)

28th February 2008, 21:32
Love the DiscWorld series...Terry cracks me up every time.
I want him to do another Rincewind one..

8th May 2009, 16:12
Turns out I managed to find some spare time here and there last week. Not enough to do any serious work on my other projects though so I decided to work a bit on Thud.

This new version of Thud comes with :

a bunch of bugfixes, including some critical ones
a somewhat nicer UI (far from perfect though, I could do with some help...)
scriptable rulesets. Two rulesets are bundled : Classic Thud and Koom Valley Thud
themable board. Two themes are bundled (again I could do with some help ;))
cleaner code and proper licensing informations :rolleyes:

Next feature on my TODO list is network play but that one will probably take more time.

Go grab the source (http://edyuk.org/misc/thud-0.9.0.tar.gz) and have fun.