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14th March 2006, 04:47
hi all qtopians,
i have writen an adressbook application and its running absolutely fine with desktop..
but while compiling it for arm compiler i got one linking error

arm-linux-gcc -o firstapp main.o firstapp.o editcontact.o firstappbase.o information.o memory.o otherInfo.o stdcodes.o isdcodes.o done.o wait.o confirm.o mypalette.o test.o detailsview.o underconstruction.o moc_firstapp.o moc_editcontact.o moc_firstappbase.o moc_information.o moc_memory.o moc_otherInfo.o moc_stdcodes.o moc_isdcodes.o moc_done.o moc_wait.o moc_confirm.o moc_test.o moc_detailsview.o moc_underconstruction.o

-L/opt/Qtopia/lib -L/opt/Qtopia/lib -lm /opt/Qtopia/lib/libqpepim.so.1 -lqpe -lqtopia -lqte
/opt/Qtopia/lib/libqpepim.so.1: could not read symbols: Invalid operation
collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
make: *** [firstapp] Error 1

so, can anyone help me with this error.


15th March 2006, 07:23
you can use the 'file' command to see if that library was compiled for arm or for i386.