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7th March 2008, 16:58
anyone know if there is a sort of CMS for internet site developed with Qt library?
i mean something like phpnuke, something to manage my internet site on my localhost.

7th March 2008, 17:00
Hmm.... I don't think so. Why would you want a Qt-based application like that?

7th March 2008, 20:56
If i remember correctly, patrick08 (I don't know his real name) mentioned a while ago something like that in one of his posts... Something he developed.

15th March 2008, 17:06
Hi ... yes i have write a xhtml editor its part of a simple CMS manager ...
is only simple edit ... page and drag drop image ...

Ony put page on a mysql table title|category|keywords|zip_file
and on server i use xml http://www.popoon.org/ a XML Publishing Framework for PHP 5
to display pages... xml && xhtml...

Category mysql nested tree and render to xml play all category, item and pages

Zip file having xml pages on 3-6 language and image or attachment on any format.
Upload on PUT http && a copy to mysql table and to folder tree image and so..

Now my target is to enlarge MiniScribus http://www.qt-apps.org/content/show.php/Fop+MiniScribus+XSL-Fo?content=67552
which is able to export <div> layer top,left position as xhtml the base format is Apache FOP format and can rotate layer elements (html not possibel. :-))
http://xmlgraphics.apache.org/fop/ to render rtf,doc,pdf,xml & other format.

And result page html upload to http://www.silverstripe.com/ CMS ( from Google team.)

The big Problem is QTextDocument, not having QDataStream to send on server or save 1/1 to sql you can write 100 document on pc nr.1 and pc nr.2 not display on same way,
Fonts are not portable.. You must have a format to save exact QTextDocument to play same at next day import html ist not a clean solution. html must stay only as export not import.....


on http://www.qmake.net/ i use this CMS ...