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26th March 2008, 06:01
I am using Qt 4.3.3 integrated MSVS2005. I installed qwt recently.I tried most of the example's every thing worked fine in Qt console application .Now when i start a new Qt Application Project in Qt, I have the qwt widgets displayed in the toolbar. But how do i use the
qwtPlot widget on the form files.I am able to place the qwtplot widget on the form but not able to add any functionality to it. I wanted to display a graph when i click a button on the form.How can i connect the qwtplot widget on the form to the code so that i can display a Graph.:confused: Pls give me a small example i tried search on this topic the on net but din't find any. Describing how to use qwtplot widget in a Qt Application.

Thank You So much.

26th March 2008, 07:47
You can only do very basic things in the designer. The rest needs to be implemented as traditional C++ code, like you can find it in the Qwt examples.


26th March 2008, 08:23
Hey thankx so much for ur time.Hey i am aware tat i cant do much in a designer but i am using VS2005 IDE. I am using VS2005 IDE with Qt4.3.3 ..When I create a New Qt Application Project in VS2005. The following files are created test_plot.ui ,main.cpp ,test_plot.cpp, test_plot.h. (test_plot) is file name . Now when i drop a qwtplot widget from the VS2005 IDE toolbar to the form and i am stuck here how do i access the qwtplot widget or put some functionality to it. I want a GUI application. I understand the console application type where there is no form we create the form in the code itself but here its not that way. Pls give me a small example.

Thank you so much

26th March 2008, 11:04
This sounds more like a general problem of how to use the designer, than a specific problem with a Qwt widget. I recommend to read the chapter about the designer in the Qt documentation.