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10th January 2006, 10:03

There is a part in the license v2.10 which says:
"... Licensee may not distribute, transfer ... of Redistributables, solely or as part of an Application, its source code, in binary/compiled, or in any other form if such action is a part of a joint software and hardware distribution, except as provided by a seperate distribution agreement with Trolltech"

What do they mean by "joint software and hardware distribution"? Ie. I may not sell my Qt product (statically or dynamically linked) (except when Trolltech says ok) when I want to do for example: Sell a Computer with my product pre-installed on it?

Could somebody please clarify?

Derick Schoonbee

10th January 2006, 13:15
It means you can't distibute objects (like libraries) from Qt distribution (the one licenced to you).

1st February 2006, 20:34

This clause mainly is about embedded consumer devices and has a number of exceptions, listed in clause 10 c) in the license agreement. Distributing a computer with your Qt-based application running on either KDE/GNOME, Windows or Mac OS X is for example expressly allowed. You can contact sales@trolltech.com if you need more info.

Kind regards,
Eivind Throndsen