View Full Version : rendering context is changing when adding QGLWidget to QGRaphicsScene

7th April 2008, 15:27
i am back with the Linux and MAC OS X issue of adding QGLWidget to QGraphicsScene.
To explain again in short, when i am adding widget to scene it will rennder the object correctly on windows.But in Linux and MAC OS X it is not rendering the object.

I have found that,when i am adding QGLWidget to scene,initializeGL() is called whenever widget redraws( i.e whenever paintGL() or paintEvent() is called ).

initializeGL() supposed to be called only once or whenever context is changing.

So it seems that on Linux and MAC OS X its context is changing.

I need to set the context or prevent changing context.

If anyone knows please tell me what will be the solution.

Thanking you all in advance.