View Full Version : Unique ID for a PC to use for Key Validation

9th April 2008, 22:25
We are building a commercial application that will use a keying system to control installations. So ONE Key = Exactly ONE Installation. To do this we need to specifically ID the exact PC. This software will run on Win/Linux/Mac.

Fundamentally we will do something like this (but not exactly :) )

Name of the user, Email address, Reg Key, PC unique ID, some other stuff

Hash this up from a website and generate a Key HASH that the application will use to validate the key...

The application will have the same information in an INI file, but the PC unique ID will be dynamically obtained at startup, so if they move the app to another PC the hash will be incorrect. and validation fails preventing the software from running.

but what Unique ID to use? we looked at Processor ID, and UUID, etc

IS there a method within QT to grab EXISTING UUID from the system?

(not to be confused with Quuid, which CREATES uuid's from given data...we need the one that is already there...or what given data can we use from the PC?)

Comments or recommendations?

10th April 2008, 00:13
In such situation one usually takes an ID of the primary harddisk or NIC.