View Full Version : QDesigner classes for Arm platform

10th April 2008, 17:34
Hi All,

I have created a custom widget for my application and I am able to use it on my host linux machine using QVFB.

Now I want to run it in ARM platform. I have Qtopia4.3.2-arm installed but when I compiled the same set of code I got compile error saying.

QtDesigner/QDesignerExportWidget: No such file or director

When i checked for the file, I found that the QDesigner folder is missing from Qtopia4.3.2-arm/include folder but it is there for my host version of Qtopia i.e Qtopia4.3.2.

Why is it so?? Is it that I did some mistake during installation or is it that QDesigner classes are not supported for Arm version.

Would appreciate suggestions and ideas..