View Full Version : Adding directories to resources

23rd April 2008, 23:05
Is there any way to add into the resource all files in some directory? I've tried something like this (at the .pro-file):
RESOURCES += some_directory
but it doesn't works. I've tried also somedirectory/*. The same question about the adding a whole directory to the DISTFILES variable - is that possible?

23rd April 2008, 23:21
Hmm... using wildcards in .pro files should work. Just remember RESOURCES contains a list or .qrc files, not a list of files inside a .qrc file.

24th April 2008, 12:21
Thank you! And can I use wildcards or something else inside of the .qrc file to add a whole directory, not file-by-file?

24th April 2008, 13:00
No, unfortunately currently you can't. Theoretically it should be easy to write a simple "precompiler" for qmake to do that, but as of yet nobody did it.