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28th April 2008, 11:38
hello everyone ........I wana play flash file within my application using QAxWidget....
So I want to inherit the QAxWidget Class to my class but On compiling its giving error which is as follows.............
error C2248: 'QAxWidget::staticMetaObject' : cannot access private member declared in class 'QAxWidget'
If anyone has any idea to remove this error plz tell me ...........
thanx in advance:(

28th April 2008, 16:52
Are u using signal, slot in the inherited class ??

From the docs :

Warning: You can subclass QAxWidget, but you cannot use the Q_OBJECT macro in the subclass (the generated moc-file will not compile), so you cannot add further signals, slots or properties. This limitation is due to the metaobject information generated in runtime. To work around this problem, aggregate the QAxWidget as a member of the QObject subclass.

May be this is the prob with u too :(

29th April 2008, 05:55
Thanx for your reply ....
but I m not using the signal and slot ......I want to simply use the property of QAxWidget within my class......which is as Follows...
class Frame: public QAxWidget
Frame(QWidget * parent):QAxWidget(parent)

Why this making error?????????????????????

29th April 2008, 09:06
is that the code u are using ??

cant make out what mistake u are making without the code