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3rd May 2008, 17:51
I've dowloaded qwt-5.1.0 zip file and typed in a Qt 4.3.4 Command Prompt

qmake qwt.pro

as it't written in INSTALL file (i had no errors at compilation). I've put qwt5.dll and libqwt5.a in C:\Qt\4.3.4\lib and C:\Qt\4.3.4\bin then I've copied 'src' directory to C:\Qt\4.3.4\include. Later I found out that I have to copy qwt5.dll to C:\WINDOWS\system32 to run compiled examples. I did the same steps when I was adding libQGLViewer to my Qt and everthing went fine.

Now when I try to compile any example (anywhere else than in it's original place) I receive such errors:

sliders.cpp:5:24: qwt_slider.h: No such file or directory
sliders.cpp:6:30: qwt_scale_engine.h: No such file or directory
sliders.cpp:7:27: qwt_scale_map.h: No such file or directory

I have all of this files in C:\Qt\4.3.4\include\src. Why my compiler doesn't look for them there? (like it does with all other headers)

14th June 2008, 23:04
um facing the same problem Now, any one has any suggestions ?