View Full Version : Touch screen on t-Embedded 4.4 on i.MX31ADS

14th May 2008, 20:13
Hi All,
I am developing using ubuntu/AMD64 for a arm target board (freescale i.MX31ADS development kit). I managed to get everything built and running on the board over NFS but I can not use the touch screen to interact with any of the demos. I have been reading through various config files, forum posts and the trolltech docs and I am none the wiser. Does anyone have any suggestions?


p.s, The dev kit I got had an old version of qtopia installed and I am currently running the new qt-embedded app's via a modified script which lives under /etc/rc.d/init.d/qtopia

Target board details:

Linux freescale

built using LTIB.

Any help would be most appreciated.

7th June 2008, 09:06
I would start with either tslib, or by passing the correct /dev/input for the screen
If it is /dev/input/event2, you can do
cat /dev/input/event2 and then poke the screen and see some characters every time you poke it.

Make sure tslib and the utilites are either installed, or compile them yourself.
You will also need to configure Qt/E for using the tslib gfxplugin.

tslib comes with some tools to help test things and get it configured, and even calibrated.