View Full Version : Qanava installation

22nd March 2006, 00:49
hey there i was trying to install and run Qanava and it is asking for QTcanvas.cpp and QTcanvas.h. does anyone out there have these files because all i have it q3canvas and im not sure if this is the same thing becasue when i tried to build it using Visual Basic 2005 it didnt work. has anyone tried installing Qanava before - any luck?

24th March 2006, 10:33
You need QtCanvas, the qt4 "port" of QCanvas, and not Q3Canvas which is the qt3 support version of QCanvas for qt4 (yes its quite complicated!).


(BTW, the best place to get support for Qanava is on its homepage :) (with all due respect for QtCentre!)

Qanava 0.0.7 will be out soon, so you might want to wait one day or two, since it will get rid of all that Q*Canvas stuff to be a standalone widget with Arthur painting (what a scoop!).