View Full Version : QBrew 0.4.1

26th May 2008, 07:56
I've just released QBrew 0.4.1. QBrew is a homebrewer's recipe calculator. This is a bugfix release, but it does include the new print preview dialog if you build with Qt 4.4.0. I've also converted from DOM to Qt's streaming XML interface.

The QBrew homepage is http://www.usermode.org/code.html, and also at qt-apps.org, http://www.qt-apps.org/content/show.php/show.php?content=50235

You can get it directly at:

Windows: http://www.usermode.org/code/qbrew-win32.zip
Mac OSX: http://www.usermode.org/code/qbrew-osx.zip
Unix/Sources: http://www.usermode.org/code/qbrew-0.4.1.tar.gz