View Full Version : Using Map in Qwt Widget..help needed

8th June 2008, 04:00
hi ,
i want to develop a Qt based application in which i want to incorporate a map (of a location) and want to draw x,y positions on it in real time. its basically, a navigation map application on which i have to draw x,y position received in real time. it should hv zooming facility.

is it possible to do it with Qwt. i dont know the basics of drawing pixels on a map in Qt application. can any body suggest a way how to do it. any sample snippets, applications are highly appreciated. pls suggest me in this regard.
thanks in advance.

8th June 2008, 08:52
I've written a complete GIS application with Qwt, so displaying a map should be possible too. How to do it depends on the type of data you want to display. So how does the data of your map looks like ?


11th June 2008, 19:53
hi uwe,
thank u very much for ur reply.
its very simple.. the idea is to show x,y of a moving object. showing z (i mean 3D) is also preferable. this is primary requirement.. if there is provision to show any other parameters, that will be good. basically, i want to show position of moving objects on map in real time with 1 second update and with zoom facility. can i get sample application or code.. ?

thanks again.