View Full Version : touchscreen not working in qtopia-4.2.2

11th June 2008, 07:02
Hi ,
I have downloaded qtopia-opensource-src-4.2.2.tar.gz source for my ARM board.
After successfull cross compilation , I checked the binary image on board. I can see some icons on green screen. My problem is touchscreen/mouse is working at al..so I can't proceed further ..

Can anyone tel me how to configure qtopia-4.2.2 with touchscreen enabled..?

Which are the files I should modify in source and how..??

I am new to qtopia..

Thanks in advance..

11th June 2008, 14:32
Can anyone tel me how to enable touchscreen in qtopia-4.2.2..??

Thanks in advance....

16th June 2008, 05:43
Hey.. now touchscreen is working when I configure qtopia with -edition greenphone..

Can anyone tel me how to add my own applications to this qtopia..??
why mediaplayer application is not there on screen in qtopia-4.2.2..??
Did anyone work in this..??

Thanks in advance..

17th June 2008, 14:26
I read some document in google and edited custom.pri file like this..
and after this I did configure like this ..

cd build.
../qtopia-opensource-4.2.2/./configure -release -shared -xplatform linux-arm-g++ -arch arm -device greenphone -prefix /usr/qpe -displaysize 640x480 -config "CONFIG+=useMyEmbeddedKonsole"

Then I did make and then make install..
I didnt get any make errors..
But I didnt get these applications installed also..
When I did make inside one application directory /build/src/applications/embeddedkonsole I got error like..

Project ERROR: You must specify the project type with qtopia_project()
Died at ~/build/bin/qtopiamake line 431.
make: *** [regenerate] Error 2

What is going wrong here..??
Should I do any other configuration..??

Hope someone help me..:(

Thanks in advance..

18th June 2008, 12:00
I think this seems to be new topic..so I will start it in new thread..
Please help..