View Full Version : No sound on embedded devices

14th June 2008, 10:07
I'm using Qt2.3.10 and QSound class to play a wav format file on my embedded arm devices.


My question is, why after I run my program no sound can be heard?

./myprogram -qws

Is there any configuration that need to be added?

My wav file format is : RIFF (little-endian) data, WAVE audio, Microsoft PCM, 8 bit, mono 8000 Hz


22nd June 2008, 21:57
What does QSound::available() return?

24th June 2008, 14:59
it returns TRUE

24th June 2008, 15:49
it returns TRUE
Hmm... is there any other way to test whether the sound works on your system (for example by starting some other application) ? And what OS do you use?

25th June 2008, 12:32
yeah, I have test it using command:
cp /home/a.wav /dev/dsp
I'm working under linux-2.4.18

25th June 2008, 22:08
Qt uses NAS (at least the desktop edition), so the next step is to check if it works. Also check if the user for which the application is started has proper rights to access sound devices.