View Full Version : How to add applications to qtopia..

18th June 2008, 12:11
I want to add some applications like embeddedkonsole to qtopia-4.2.2..

I read some document 'how to add component to qtopia' in google and edited custom.pri file like this..
and after this I did configure like this ..

cd build.
../qtopia-opensource-4.2.2/./configure -release -shared -xplatform linux-arm-g++ -arch arm -device greenphone -prefix /usr/qpe -displaysize 640x480 -config "CONFIG+=useMyEmbeddedKonsole"

Then I did make and then make install..
I didnt get any make errors..
But I didnt get these applications installed also..I think that application not at all added to qtopia..
When I did make inside one application directory /build/src/applications/embeddedkonsole I got error like..

Project ERROR: You must specify the project type with qtopia_project()
Died at ~/build/bin/qtopiamake line 431.
make: *** [regenerate] Error 2

I have added "qtopia_project(qtopia app)" to embeddedkonsole.pro file

Now I am not getting "Project ERROR: You must specify the project type with qtopia_project()"

Now when I run 'make' inside application directory /build/src/applications/embeddedkonsole , I got error like

" *** No rule to make target `libembeddedkonsole.so', needed by `link_test'. Stop."

What is this mean..??

Can anyone help me out..??

Hope someone will help me..

Thanks in advance..

19th June 2008, 15:36
One thing I forgot to tel you al..
I have taken embeddedkonsole application source from older version qtopia(1.6.1) and added to src/applications/ directory.

Now I am not getting any clues how to solve this problem..

I was reffering that older version hoping I will get some clues there..

I added "REQUIRES = embeddedkonsole " to src/applications/embeddedkonsole/embeddedkonsole.pro file..

then I run 'make' , now I am not getting previous error but I got error like..
"Some of the required modules (embeddedkonsole) are not available.

I dont know where exactly I am doing wrong..

Can anybody help me..???? :(