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20th June 2008, 00:06

If i create a new dialog for my project in QDevelop, and edit it in QtDesigner all i have is the .ui file in my project directory.

I was wondering how i go about generating .h/cpp files for this ui file, I know i can do it manually by running uic mydlg.ui, but can qdevelop do this for me? It does it automatically for a new projects UI, so i was wondering if it can be done for additional new UIs, or do i have to generate it manually for each UI and update it each time i change something.



20th June 2008, 07:19
I don't think that You manually compile all Yours project. So define a rule for UI files in Yours enviroment.

21st June 2008, 11:17
So, you created the UI files outside of QDevelop and want QDevelop to handle them?
What happens when you execute Project->Add Existing Files?

21st June 2008, 19:32
Thanks for the replies, I create the files in qdevelop, i.e add a new dialog, then qdevelop launches qdesigner, and i get left with the .ui file in my project files window of the IDE.

What im wondering is if QDevelop can be told to generate the .h from the .ui using qmake/uic, or do i have to do it outside the IDE, and add the .h as an existing file?

Thanks again

EDIT: I just found out that i just #include "ui_name_of_ui.h" and it generates it for me *me feels silly*, thanks for the help guys.

21st June 2008, 20:04
Next time, right click the form, and see what the option "Dialog Subclassing" does... :)