View Full Version : Qt commercial with eclipse and cl.exe

3rd July 2008, 09:07

I would like to use QT Commercial with Eclipse and the Microsoft Compiler cl.exe.
According to Trolltech, this is no problem with the Eclipse Intergration 1.4.0:

>> The Eclipse Integration for C++ supports both gcc provided with MinGW and cl.exe provided with Visual Studio. The Eclipse CDT plugin only supports gdb as a debugger however, so you have to use gcc as a compiler to be able to debug in Eclipse. For cl.exe it is possible to build release and debug versions in Eclipse, but it will not be possible to debug it

But during the Eclipse Intergration 1.4.0 installation it is looking only for mingw and g++ compiler. I don't want to use mingw. Why is there a problem with cl.exe?

Can anyone help or a has a tip?

Thanks in advance.

3rd July 2008, 14:55
OK, this is a bug in Eclipse Integration 1.4.0.

Bug task is 218247.