View Full Version : CPPUNIT_ASSERT fails and terminates QtTestRunner

8th July 2008, 15:44
i have a CPPUNIT_ASSERT whose condition is FALSE ,
and because of this QtTestRunner is terminated

x is a pointer and is equal to NULL


most often i get this message :
TesterFomDo has encountered a problem and needs to close.

8th July 2008, 23:43
Does it happen for all conditions?

9th July 2008, 08:17
it the condition is true everything runs well ,

if the condition turns to be FALSE it terminates QtTestRunner ( maybe not after the first run , it happens that i push run button twice or 3 times and then the QtTestRunner is terminated)
[ for all which are FALSE]

9th July 2008, 20:08
Do other test runners work? Can you build QtTestRunner in debug mode?

10th July 2008, 16:32
I found it !
Thanks for your help , te problem was my cppunit path was not set right ,
but my program gave me no errors that it isn't finding cppunit at build time ,
it just terminated when i gave it a test that turned False !